USC Offers Top Tailback

Ronald Jones of McKinney, Texas, is ranked the No. 2 tailback in the nation by and was offered a scholarship today by USC. He already has more than 25 offers.

Jones rushed for 2,406 yards in 244 carries, a 9.86 yard-per-carry average. He also scored 39 touchdowns.

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  • john wolcott

    Well, why not? Throw the recruiting net out as far as you can, and see what “fish” it might bring in. Could surprise you.

    This reminds me of the time when I was in high school, with possibly the worst complexion in the school, 6 feet and 160 pounds, and I was trying to get dates with the best looking girls in school

    Did not work out, but at least I tried.

    P.S. Later, when my complexion improved, that ‘forget what you look like’ attitude really helped me land some pretty incredible women over the rest of my life

    • Ben Factor

      Exactly. At the end of the day, there will be 2-4 players from parts afar. You still have to offer. You never know which player will visit, or attend a camp, and decide he wants a big cultural change.

      Lucky you to have such a resilient ego in high school. That’s pretty rare.

  • timtrojan

    I heard Mora just offered somebody at Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School. Governer Sark has California now he’s going for Mr President/ Pete Jr.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Guessing now that Coach Jim Mora has California on lockdown, SCCC needs out of state recruits to fill out the roster.

    • TDOG

      That’s just as funny as the notion of a “ucla dynasty” hahaha – you into Harry Potter movies?

    • timtrojan

      Mora really delivered Feb 5th. Was that 1-13 on those UCLA locks? My guess is Shelly Smith never steps foot on UCLA. You had a window but Sark just shut it and flipped you the bird. So wouldn’t a Dynasty have a functional blog?

      • ThaiMex

        Shelly Smith can be had by anybody….All you have to do is provide The Free Meal.
        fit Un!

    • B.Miller

      Yes we saw proof of that Mora domination this past recruiting year…. Oklahoma did better recruiting in Cali