No. 55 Poll Update

Yesterday’s poll had 69 percent of the respondents say they were against Steve Sarkisian allowing an offensive player to wear No. 55. I’m surprised even more were not against it.

USC fans should be aghast that one of the program’s traditions is being destroyed. Can you imagine Notre Dame doing this? Remember Junior Seau and his importance to this tradtition? This is only going to become a bigger issue as former players start finding out about it.

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  • ScottyBucket

    I’ve emailed all former players. We should be hearing back soon, Scott.

  • Cheap seats

    “USC fans should be aghast…”

    Is Wolfie throwing a tantrum that he didn’t stir the pot as expected?

  • ScottyBucket

    Scott, was you poll statistically valid, or just a random sample of trolls?

  • rusoviet

    It’s one thing when the clueless NY Yankees indulge in this nonsense (best is # 8 Bill Dickey and Yogi Berra) – If your concerned about Troy not emulating ‘Notre Dame’ have at it Wolf – Notre Dame? They’re relevant because?

    There is nothing served by ‘retiring numbers’ save you begin to run out of them as said retired numbers increase – no number should be sacrosanct regardless of who did what while wearing it – it’s a foolish move especially with (what?) 70 on a roster per year? Wear the uniform wear # 55!

  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    I would wager a guess that USC alumni and fans are more aghast at what passes for sports journalism these days.

  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    Didn’t Gargamel write that USC should wear alternative uniforms, since he thought that was necessary to attract recruits? So, I guess some traditions should stay and others go according to him. At least he’s consistently inconsistent. I don’t know why he wastes his time writing drivel for a fourth-rate newspaper when his true calling is AD

  • timtrojan

    Scotty is going to take his keyboard and go to Buckets/home. In the era of a different uniform every week numbers are not such a big deal. Move on Scotty nothing to see her. Next up sock and shoe colors.

  • wolfman, way to keep up the good fight!!

    these trOXans of today don’t care about tradition!!!

    it was YOU, wolfman, who single handed upheld the Black shoe white sock tradition!!

    FIT UN, wolfman!!!

    • timtrojan

      Nice job Scotty.

  • TDOG

    The biggest issue is your FACE, Scott


    Can you imagine Notre Dame putting a giant electrified fence around their campus, playing their games in the getto, and policing their tailgates with armed drones flying overhead? Yet that is what it has come to at University of Stop or I’ll Shoot!

    • rusoviet

      Hey moron here’s one – have USC switch campuses with bel-air tech and no one would go to ucla… for one whitebread

    • Independent_George

      Someone has never been to South Bend, obviously.


        Notre Dame uses drones too now? I stand corrected.

      • rusoviet

        Cade McKnown’s is in charge of ‘handicap parking’ stickers

    • timtrojan

      That is the best you have. Really good troll boy. Your envy is very flattering but please try to bring some entertainment.

  • lenlen

    as late as 1989, john Katnick Center wore 55

    • Tom Oday


  • B.Miller

    Oh no Wolf.. The World is coming to an end because #55 will be on offense.. Im sure the Fans and world will manage..
    Just win Baby!


    Did Scotty just play the tradition card with Notre Dame? The same Notre Dame that decided unveil alternate green uniforms and put an enormous shamrock on their helmets. Scotts statement on holds water is ND stuck to wearing only navy and gold. SMH.