Presenting The UCLA `Conference Tournament’ Alternate Jersey


Adidas has now created a basketball uniform just for conference tournaments labeled “Made in March” uniforms.  Naturally, they can be purchased. At least they aren’t as bad as these warmups.


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  • CharleeBucket

    Way to crotch kick the trolls, Scotty!

  • Rusty Buckets

    That’s great. Thanks, Scott. “3” represents the ultimate round that ucla and its rapist-protecting coach would be happy to reach. Given its numerous consecutive top 10 recruiting seasons, I can live with our rival’s mediocrity. 8-clap anyone??? uuu-ccc-llll?!!?


    I guess Wolf is not into bears.

  • wolfman, you KNOW i love you like a blood brother, but that is a CHEAP SHOT!!

    wolfman, do you want to stop and THINK what this blog would be like if the Cadre pulled up stakes???

    that’s not a threat, wolfman, but maybe you should consider what it would be like going back to when the Dummies ran wild on this blog!!!

    the Cadre = ORDER and JUSTICE!! don’t forget it, wolfman.

    carry on.

    • Mike 70

      faux Bucket

    • steveg

      Sorry CB, that one has to hurt man. Take a deep breath, the swelling will go down soon.

  • timtrojan

    My daughter has a PJ’s in those same colors. Can we get an 8 clap?

  • Larry Harris

    The Syracuse warmups are what one would see in Websters if you looked up the word ‘ugly’.
    The basketball uniform is 180 degrees. Excellent design in good taste. Looks great! I especially like the touch with the collar.

  • B.Miller

    Is this INSIDE USC?
    What is that a soccer jersey?

  • steveg

    quite pretty color scheme for them little bruins

  • rusoviet

    Man I though the Angels were nuts on all their logo/uniform changes – ucla has no idea how much they are identical to the DNC – everyone has a say but common sense and if you ‘common sense’ say anything against ‘everyone’ you’ll be sent to the ‘lager’ for GLBT festiveness training.

    All that’s missing are those two fruitopians a few years back jumping around in their leotards and ‘Devo’ yellow headresses

  • trOXans are so lucky they NEVER have to worry about post-season wear for basketball or baseball!!!


  • ProbationU

    As ugly as lthe warmups are and the tournament unis are…..the SC beat writer is seriously running out of material because nothing is quite as dreary the the product that Andy Enfield has been putting on the floor.

  • NOBSisdaMAN

    ucla is bringing the girl’s softball team?

  • anno nimus

    Love it!! Scott, do you where I can purchase it? Do any of the fine bloggers here know where I get me one of those?