Take 2: USC v. Colorado In Pac-12 Tourney


OK, let’s start over since UCLA made a mess of things against Washington State. USC is the 12th seed and plays Colorado on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. in the first round. The winner plays Cal. And Andy Enfield officially finished last in the Pac-12.

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  • GAAAAAWD!!! how did we LOSE that game????
    wait…..Alford, no you DIDN’T!!!!!!!!!

    • bazinga

      If you are implying that the Bruins tanked that game to stick it to USC, then Bruins are even dumber than I thought. Why aim for a 5 seed when you can aim for a 7 or 8 seed but stick it to your rival? Bruin logic.

      • TrojanFamily

        He isn’t a Bruin. The “we” to which he refers are the multiple logins in his head and the game is called “trolling.”

        And yes “they” lose daily.

      • Wrong. UCLA was locked in as #2 PAC 12 tourney seed win or lose. Won’t affect our big dance seed after we run the table.

        Sweeeeet move by Alford!!!!

        And what a humiliating kick to the crotch of trOXans!!!

        • bazinga

          Guess again. A loss to the Cougars will affect their seed next week when it matters, especially if the Bruins do not run the table. For nothing, too, since USC doesn’t care. 11th or 12th? No matter.

    • Nile Kinnick

      We hope Andy gets fired now. But we have to wait, just like with the Lakers situation. How can USC be dead last? This is LA! Great weather, great school, great-looking co-eds. WSU is in the middle of nowhere in some frozen tundra, yet they have a better record?….this is unacceptable


    2 things I learned from this post: there is a bar at the Carrow’s near the Daily News, and there is a TV at that bar.

    • Booyakasha

      and Scott has a phone with a camera.

  • Nile Kinnick

    USC is Dead Last!Fire Andy!

  • john wolcott

    Ugly Bucket: Wolf is the greatest, SUCLA is the best, and SC is the worst

    This guy is so full of excuses to prove his hypocritical points of view that I bet if he developed a fat blackhead on his forehead he would comment that he had converted to Christianity and he was now celebrating Lent.

    Anyway, back to more important issues, it would seem that the Pac-12 is not going to send many teams to the NCAAs. The winner of the Pac-12 Tournament is an automatic qualifier, and I bet it is not Arizona, so I hope it is an Oregon or a Stanford (gawd, did I just say ‘Stanford’?)