USC Upsets No. 4-Ranked Stanford In Women’s Basketball


One of the biggest victories in recent memory by the Trojans and easily Cynthia Cooper’s biggest victory as USC upset the Cardinal, 71-68, to advance to the Pac-12 championship game.

USC trailed 60-57 but forward Cassie Harberts scored 10 straight points to give Trojans a 67-60 lead. Alexyz Vaioletama scored 19 points and guard Ariya Crook added 15 for the 21-12 Trojans.

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  • maybe at last the trOXans will swallow their pride and say a kind word about their Lady trOXans!!
    c’mon, Dummies, just ONE WORD of praise!!!
    it doesn’t mean you are admitting you were wrong!!
    (well, actually, it does)

    • timtrojan

      its women’s basketball, that has as much relevance as people who post on a half wits blog.

      • wow! the only trOXan who speaks can only muster dissrespect for the Lady trOXans!!

        where are the Southern Cal “ladies”??

        what a disgrace!

        • Ray Reyes

          Charlie, you know I love to hate you. I actually think you are OK. But, type TROJANS, instead of trOXans. You would gain more credibility if you at least acknowledged your “enemy” in a respectful way.

        • marvgoux1

          Perhaps they aren’t ladies. Not one has showed up to praise our Lady Trojan’s great victory over the Indians.

          • Larry Harris

            The Indians? I thought that I was the only one who refused to call them Cardinals…which instead is represented by a tree. Your screen name is by far the best on this board. If you have extra time on your hands, go over to WeRSC – Huddle, and check out my avatar. I only use a picture of me here because Bucket thinks I’m cute.

    • BearBryant3

      Can they also play for the men, I think they will have a better chance.

  • Ray Reyes

    FIGHT ON ladies!!!!!!! EXCELLENT!!!

  • Ray Reyes

    Thanks Scott for the report. FIGHT ON!

    • marvgoux1

      Great victory and ESPN took notice!

  • Golden Trojan

    First time Stanford is not in the conference final. Harberts was a beast the last 5 min. before fouling out. Clutch frees. A great win but they have one more to be Champs. The Haden college sports juggernaut rolls on!

    • Larry Harris

      ** The Haden college sports juggernaut rolls on!** ????
      That has got to be a typro. Where is the moderator when you need him?