Full House At Dedeaux Field

A sellout crowd is on hand today for the USC-UCLA baseball game and some have even been turned away. This game used to be played at Dodger Stadium but that tradition appears to have withered with yet another remodeling job at the stadium. The teams are currently scoreless in the fourth inning.

UPDATED: USC leads 2-0 in the 6th inning. But the Bruins come back and now lead 4-2 in the seventh inning. USC scores 2 runs to make up 5-3 deficit and it is tied in the 9th inning.

The Bruins score in top of the ninth to take a 6-5 lead.

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  • john wolcott

    Let’s go Trojans

    U-S-C; U-S-C; U-S-C

    We are– SC; We are– SC

    Trojans are full of fight
    bruins are ugly on sight
    Give them a punch, a kick or two
    ’cause sucla deserves at least a few

    • 1-2-3-4,

      the Paralegal’s such a BORE!


      the UCLA Bruins will WIN AGAIN!!

      • NOBSisdaMAN

        Grow up

    • SUCC de trop

      A very clever SUCC poem. Sadly Jersey Joe, Mighty SUCC was knocked out.

  • update: take a KNEE wolfman, i GOT THIS!!!

    BRUINS ROAR back with 4 runs in the 7th!!!!

    UCLA leads 4-2!!!!

    what a game!!! i’m on 3rd base side, 11 rows in

    • Mike 70

      You are in the basement of your Mother’s house with one hand on the keyboard and the other on…

    • TrojanFamily

      As always, thank you for your support of USC athletics. The program is happy for all of your financial support over the years. It looks forward to your continued patronage.

    • NOBSisdaMAN


  • wolfman!! another Update:

    UCLA now leads 5 – 2!!!!

    But wait….UCLA has brought in the all time greatest reliever in NCAA history!!! David Berg!!!!

    UH-OH!!! Speghetti-O!!!!

    • NOBSisdaMAN


  • wolfman, IT’S ALL OVER!!!

    UCLA WINS it’s NINTH IN A ROW against the trOXans!!!!

    UCLA wins it in the NINTH!!!

    David BERG SHUT THE DOOR on the trOXans in the 9th!!!

    OH! i feel SO ALIVE!!!!

    i really DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    (spinning in circle with arms out, looking up at sky)

    • NOBSisdaMAN

      Loser. Get a life.

      • Cheap seats

        Stop falling for it. He’s not even a UCLA fan.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      BFG!!! ….Go back to bed! If we need any shlt out of you we’ll squeeze your head…..thanks