Former USC Tailback Dillon Baxter Trying To Make It In NFL

Former USC tailback Dillon Baxter is getting ready to work out for NFL teams. In this San Diego Union-Tribune article, he says while at USC, he accepted a free trip to Fiji from fellow student, Teague Egan, the certified agent who gave him the famous golf cart ride that led to a suspension.

Story here

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  • FightON

    Scott feeds the trolls. Baxter claims he was friends with Egan, who is the son of a rich entrepreneur, but also claims he did not know Egan was an agent. Make of that what you will. He was relaying the story to show how different things were from going to USC, leaving San Diego State, and then ending up at Baker.

  • SaferInWestwood

    Great work Wolfman, just another day at SUCVILLE… .but of course the rah rahs would argue that never happened, it would be like listening to a republican say the planet is not getting hotter yet the sea levels are rising, huh? I know.. .I know it makes too much sense!

    Man Christmas in March oh boy!

    • B-rad

      Just curious. Are you actually worried enough about global warming to change your own behavior? Did you take public transportation to work this morning? Those buses use natural gas and represent great carpooling? Do you at least own a hybrid AND make the effort to carpool? Do you follow the creed: “When it’s yellow let it mellow; when it’s brown, flush it down?” Do you use air conditioning? Do you eat meat (cows produce a lot of methane!)? Do you have solar panels on your house? For zero down, you can get those suckers installed. Do you call out the stars who own mansions (superfluous heating and air conditioning), ride in jets (can’t even carpool for air travel?), and show up in Limos? Are you critical of the President for traveling across the country (carbon footprint?) simply to make a speech in an age of broadcast television? Do you call out Pelosi and Feinstein for treating Military planes as personal jets across the country for their convenience, but at great environmental expense? Or, do you just take cheap shots at the Republicans and pretend that the global warming skeptics are the problem? From what I see, the “enlightened” ones don’t always act so enlightened.

      • SaferInWestwood

        B-rad what a drag!! Easy on the caffeine. .. .

        • B-rad

          oh, I’m sorry–didn’t mean to upset the script. I get it now. You lob accusations and folks shouldn’t question it. Got it. I forgot; that’s how Democrat party folks roll. Oops, now I’M the one making hasty generalizations. Blame it on the caffeine, that makes sense.

  • Brian

    No mention of it in the story…but, I sure hope for his sake, that he earned his college degree.


    “No one questions his maturity.” Did Baxter’s new agent write this piece?

    He was no Tank Padilla, that’s for sure.

  • j metaphor

    Classic Southern Cal.
    Nice spin by the SC staff.
    Focus the press on the golf-cart ride and take that hit while they knew he was also flying to Fiji.
    No better Smoke & Mirrors Department than at SC (Spin City)

    You guys are always entertaining.

  • Trogan Fan

    Hmm, and yet some here still wonder why SC never tried to fight back against the NCAA. LOL. Cheat on!

    • Caster Troy

      You should just be happy that UCLA isn’t significant enough (and never will be) for the NCAA to bother investigating LOL

      • SUCC de trop

        Why not change SUCC’s name to Whitey Bulger U?

  • Charlie Bucket

    I actually liked coming here to read the trolls comments. They were sometimes amusing. Unfortunately, they’ve become boring and one dimensional.


      Well, consumers have gotten tired of paying several bucks extra to view us in 3D.

    • what do you expect? Southern Cal Athletics is boring and one dimensional!

  • B.Miller

    What a waster of talent.. hes one of those “what If..” players!

  • Mike 70

    BFD!!! Who cares?

  • Golden Trojan

    Interesting story, Baxter like many freshman who are not mature enough to go away to college. Hope he gets a shot and more importantly has grown up. Egan could be the poster child when some call us the University of Spoiled Children!

  • ProbationU

    Maybe the problem lies in San Diego?

  • UCLA Dynasty

    While SCCC was on probation? Hello, death penalty. Nice knowing you. Fitting that an alleged 5 star recruit was your final undoing.

    • B-rad

      Please NCAA, please take the bait.

      LOL, the NCAA won’t touch this. The last thing they want to do is put the spotlight back on an NCCA investigation of USC. The NCAA fought to keep documents sealed in the McNair suit; they obviously don’t want the football world playing monday morning quarterback on the fairness of the USC sanctions. Even if they did look into the Baxter allegations, if they followed more recent precedent, they would only recommend the half game Manziel suspension treatment, so USC’s “disciplinary action” against Baxter will be considered sufficient. Death Penalty? I hope this is just your attempt at hyperbole. But hey, keep dreaming of endless sanctions. Maybe that way you could get your dynasty.

  • JayJR

    Teague Egan was a spoiled rich kid brat student that took the agent’s exam. He through his parent’s money around campus, and obviously impressed a young naive freshman Baxter. This is the reason the NCAA let SC slide – as long as they cut Baxter loose from the team. Egan never became an agent and has gone on to other things.