Max Tuerk Update

There’s been comments on twitter today about Max Tuerk practicing at center today. I’m not sure why this is news. Tuerk practiced center the previous two seasons and is the only candidate with game experience. So of course he will practice there. As will Toa Lobendahn and Khaliel Rodgers.

Maybe this is just a case where if something gets mentioned on ESPN, it is suddenly news.

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  • bazinga

    “I’m not sure why this is news.” This is the most devastating self-indictment I’ve ever seen a beat writer dish out.

  • party_opponent

    I’m not sure why I’m explaining this to a journalist, but, as I see it, this is news because Tuerk has been confirmed by his QB as THE center (not just practicing at the spot) which, according to you, is the number one issue heading into spring practice.

  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    Get it here last. Gargamel is always the last to know.

    • gotroy22

      Golly-Nerd will be live tweeting and let us know the minute he wins Best Costume at the Emerald City Comic Con convention.

  • Sounds like someone is butthurt they didn’t get to post news first.

  • B.Miller

    Its only News if Scott Wolf gets to copy and paste it first..