Pro Day Buzz

The biggest topic at USC among NFL scouts was whether the 40 times at UCLA yesterday were legit.

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  • CPEM

    Well… they practice on an 80 yard field, maybe their 40 yard dash track is actually only 32 yards.

    • Independent_George


    • Sarknado

      Well played.

    • Helen

      Even the UCLS Scabs laughed at that one.


        UC Los Santos?

      • j metaphor


    • j metaphor

      Very funny! Well done. That’s the only time I’ve laughed with a Trojan since we started dominating you in every sport (except wet polo) two years ago. You are proof Trojans CAN be funny even when they are trying. Keep up the good (and sarcastic) work.

    • SUCC de trop

      SUCC’s 100 yard practice field sure helped the SUCC FB team beat Wash. St., Az. St., UCLA and Notre Dame. Let’s not forget SUCCster’s, UCLA rules LA FB & BB & BB.

  • SonOfWestwood

    You can probably add 0.2 to every time listed. Either that, or we should be pissed that our team hasn’t performed better on the field.

    • Cheap seats

      That actually brings them back around their combine times. Even Hester recording a 4.3? Shaq Evans seems to gain more speed downfield rather than his initial burst.

      • SonOfWestwood

        Exactly why the times are complete BS. Now that being said, the electronic timing method employed at UCLA’s pro day is different than the mean average hand time method used at the combine. Perhaps the timer isn’t triggered until the player crosses a certain plane. Id be interested in seeing the 10 yard times.

        • Cheap seats

          Maybe guys like Sheldon Price should’ve come back for this pro day. He would’ve ran a 4.3 as well and would’ve been drafted!

          Speaking of Price, I actually thought he should promise to be a very good cover corner with his size, speed, and reach. Unfortunately, he never improved his ball skills and made way to many penalties. I wonder how he would’ve fared if he had Spanos as DC his entire time at UCLA.

  • NOBSisdaMAN

    Nobody cares about ph ucla’s pro day. The LA Times didn’t even MENTION it today. Let’s see if the Times has anything tomorrow.

  • Ask Audrey Walker if he thinks Barr’s time was legit.


    The buzz today in Cadre HQ is what the NCAA will think about Dylan Baxter’s trips to Fiji while he was at USC. Insider sources say SC will argue that Baxter was just confused; when he said Fiji, he meant Hawaiian Gardens.

  • NOBSisdaMAN

    Thank God KO didn’t hit the bottle on TV. But I wonder if his mug had IRISH COFFEE.

    • ThaiMex

      Wow….THREE of the last FIVE Posts are from Nubsie….The Cialis must be working….
      fit Un!

      • NOBSisdaMAN

        Ask your old lady

  • j metaphor

    Pro Day times at SC are normally faster than the speeding bullets that are often flying around Fig.

  • timtrojan

    Why does UCLA even hold a pro day? I think there last player in the league was Aikman.

  • SaferInWestwood

    Well duuuh… .why would you even bother about SC at their pro day if their best “elite” DB couldn’t out performe a 6’4″ 255lbs. LB that goes by Anthony “QB go night-night” Barr at the combine, ha!

  • NOBSisdaMAN

    Papa Sam’s grandson was timing the ph ucla players.