A Return For Patrick Hall?

Remember Patrick Hall, the safety/tailback from St. Bonaventure, who came to USC and suffered knee injuries and experienced academic issues before leaving the program? Hall approached USC coach Steve Sarkisian over the weekend and said he wants to return to the team. Hall said he has one more year of eligibility. Would Sarkisian take him? Stay tuned.

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  • Trogan Fan

    sure, because that’s a great use of a scholarship.

    • gotroy22

      Is there a St Bonny curse?

  • Helen

    USC doesn’t have a great need at safety or tailback.

  • tim chaney

    his name is familiar, but with the hype surrounding the 2014 class, and the ’15 class led by Ricky Town, hall has faded from memory…

    • Trogan Fan

      Yeah, congrats on grabbing the 3rd best QB in SoCal for the class of 2015!

      • Chris Beggs

        Why are there so many bRuin losers on this board? They comment on every post, so pathetic.

        • SUCC de trop

          What’s your point? Like you’re the first SUCC fan to snivel. Speaking of losers CB: Stony Brook mugged SUCC 4 – 3 today. That’s correct CB, Stony Brook. Off the top of your tiny head, I bet you have no idea where Stony Brook is located.

        • Toejam For Life

          Other than water polo, I haven’t seen Southern Cal winning much these days…

          Washington is glad to finally have a good coach and you losers are expecting him to turn things around.

          Water Polo School On!

          • B.Miller

            10 win season.. sounds like winning to me.. with a broken team at that..

  • B.Miller

    Put him at Safety.. Since Sark decided to move Juju Smith to WR and keep Josh Shaw at CB and the uncertain health of Gerald Bowman..