Vince Vaughn Buys Lane Kiffin’s House

VAUGHNActor Vince Vaughn, who I found out was an Ohio State fan at the 2009 game between USC and the Buckeyes, bought Lane Kiffin’s house in Manhattan Beach, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Remember Vaughn paid $6.5 million for the house, which was $1 million more than Kiffin paid but $500,000 less than Kiffin asked for the property. Maybe Vaughn agreed to pay the extra million if Kiffin would not speak to him.

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  • Jethro G Sabbath


    If that’s the case, you got a great deal. Kiffin didn’t talk to you and it cost you nothing.

    • i call cheap shot!

      Jezro, just don’t forget WHO ran WHO outta town on a RAIL!!!

      the WOLFMAN prevailed in this battle….he is the one who instituted the Kiffin freeze out, NOT the other way around.

      • Helen

        If Scottie won then why is he making minimum wage at the local rag while Kiffin is pulling down a couple million dollars for the best team in college football?

      • WEB_Dupree

        Wait, I thought you contended that Kiffin instituted the freeze-out to ruin the Wolfman’s career?

        • you’re correct, my comment was not clear. i meant to convey that POST-Reinstatement, the wolfman launched a media blitz that Kiff never recovered from. the freeze out was mutual.bottom line the wolfman won the war.

          see, if i can admit i was wrong, why couldn’t Kiff??

          if he had simply manned up and apologized to the wolfman and said, “i’m sorry, i didn’t use my head” they would probably STILL be paling around.

          recall Kiff’s problems all started right after Wolf-Gate.

  • -T-D-O-G-

    First of all – Vince Vaughn looks EXTREMELY uncomfortable in this picture, as would I – and what’s up with those g a y soccer jerseys at a SC game? I play soccer to this day, and I would never do that — ever! You are seriously repping some foreign g a y a s s soccer team at an SC football game??? jeeezus wolf… Secondly – I know your man-crush hurt you when he turned you away from practices, but that’s because he couldn’t take the heat of your beady eyed glare, separated by periods of psychosis indicated by sudden movements to and away from the interview site… then we get the video… please get help.

  • Sportsblab Jones

    Wolf, any word yet on whether Vaughn is going to keep the curtains or remove them and install blinds?

  • jetman624

    LOL! That is seriously such a terrible picture. It looks like Scottie just walked up beside him, smiled while someone took the picture. I am not sure Vince realized what was happening until the camera flashed.

    • anno nimus

      That comment is so retarded, we all know Scott Wolf is a much more important person than that loser Vince Vaughn.

  • timtrojan

    Vince looks like he wished his body guard had come to the game with him.

    • ibraney

      LOL. “The one night I give the damn bodyguard off…”

  • timtrojan

    In other news Pink showed up to a UCLA game

  • typical trOXans, seeting with jealousy ’cause the wolfman move gracefully between the two glamorous worlds of entertainment and sports!!!

    wolfman, how do you ever get your work done with all those cheerleaders, sexy sport casters and celebrity hangers on always begging for their “wolf time”??

    from what i’ve seen you handle it with grace and patience. kudos, wolfman!!

    • timtrojan

      Vaughn’s look is worth a million words. I really cant even understand why Scotty would post a picture of him being given the WTF are you doing creep boy.

      • my interpretation is Vaughn is annoyed because wolfman and he were sharing a moment, and then the vile paparazzi swarmed them for pics.

        they say a photo of Vaughn and wolfman together is very rare and would fetch a high pay day from the tabloids.

        • timtrojan

          Yes, I’m sure your correct. The only thing worth more than Vaughn/Wolf would be a Neuheisel/Dorrell. Only one of these exist it was taken by the late Ed Kesirian as Dorrell gave the keys to Ricky for baby blue machine. Golden times in Westwood.

          • SUCC de trop

            Even worse than N/D is SUCC/Basketball. UCLA rules LA FB. Garbage times at SUCC.

          • timtrojan

            Yes in standard Bruin goals no titles equals rules. Guess those are the standards expected from little trolls that hang on USC boards. Can I get and 8 clap and towel wave.

          • SUCC de trop

            How many NCAA’s BB NC banners hang Galen’s stinking penny ante gym. A typical Galen BB crowd is neighborhood winos and large homeless rodents. Hubris Hall boasts whatever # (this # no. tends to fluctuate) of voted and shared FB NC banners that SUCC FB Fans continually bray and scream about. Not one single unanimous FB NC banner. BFD, anybody can buy votes. SUCC crumbles on.

          • timtrojan

            Yet guys like you hang on USC football boards all day. Keep the envy coming. Still waiting for the UCLA blog that can attract anybody.

          • SUCC de trop

            What’s your point Timmysuc? Run out of SUCC manure to spread. Big mouth, teensy brain.

          • timtrojan

            LOL, I think I hear you calling you mommy

          • SUCC de trop


  • Nile Kinnick

    What an unfair world….

  • Sarknado

    Vaughn looks as uncomfortable posing with you as all those cheerleader photos you managed to worm yourself into. Scott Wolf, the king of awkward.

  • B.Miller


    Let everything LAME KIFFIN GO! Everyone has moved on bald fat man!

  • Charlie’s Mom

    Quit whining son, and return the family sedan.

  • Sally Cushing

    Your son really is a little snot. What’s the deal about the car? Did he steal it? Is he living in it? His writing seems to indicate that he is very unstable and emotionally immature.

    • Charlie’s Mom

      He’s living in the family sedan, dear.

      • WEB_Dupree

        Down by the river?

  • john wolcott

    Geez, people will see what they want to see and say what they want to say, despite the facts or logic

    How can anybody tell what is behind Vaughn’s pose, other than it his usual
    ‘I am cooler than you’ persona.

    Of course, this is not to excuse Wolfie from being star-struck

  • Evil Robot

    This whole post is really the epitome of professionalism. A picture of a beat reporter badgering a guest of the school, during a game he’s supposed to be covering, in a post where he stalks / badgers the former coach for only flipping his house for a million dollar profit. This is one for the time capsule.

    • gotroy22


  • Ron Fleishman

    a man crush for Wolfie