A Different Practice Look


Based on the first week of spring practice, Steve Sarkisian’s fashion philosophy seems to be “anything but Lane Kiffin.” No visor. No long sleeve white shirt. A red or white warmup top. During his first tenure, Sarkisian always wore a visor. Not anymore. At least for now.

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  • WEB_Dupree

    100% cotton? A blend? Keep digging, Wolfman.

  • NotAFanOfYou

    So after the first week of practice…WolfPutz comes away from it with the big news that Sark dresses differently than Kiffin. Brilliant journalism!

    • Helen

      And very creepy. It explains a lot about how strong Scottie’s man-crush is on Kiffin. I mean, what guy notices another guy’s fashion?

      • Ray Reyes

        I was wondering that too.

        • Ted

          just dont go turning off any transponders…

      • jetman624

        Not merely notices– OBSESSES over!

      • gotroy22

        Especially a guy like you.

      • Gollum-Wolf

        Don’t mind Trojan Reach Around/marvgoux/godouche22, he is more interested in what’s under a man’s clothes…

        • gotroy22

          Golly-Nerd is psyching up for the upcoming Emerald City Comic Con Convention. Could he end his 0-life streak for best Jar Jar Binks costume? Could he talk to a real woman for the first time in his pathetic existence? Stay tuned!

  • David Stewart

    Scott, for crying out loud…WTF is wrong with you! Go to your room and don’t come back until you have something constructive to add.

  • B.Miller


  • ProbationU

    Boxers or briefs?

  • Charlie Bucket

    Scott, what soccer jersey are you wearing today?

    • TrojanFan3.0

      The one with the white stains!

  • timtrojan

    Scotty is better than the jelly of the month

  • Sportsblab Jones

    I can’t take these Kiffin posts any more. My new blog philosophy is going to be “anything but Scott Wolf.” No fan polls. No blurry videos. No man boobs. No Kiffin crush.

    • Bah! You’ll be back!!

      You’re all jibber jabber like the rest!! Trash wolfman’s blog all you want, but you can’t QUIT the wolfman!!!!

      And the Cadre will be waiting for your return…

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Editor: what is up with this blog? Should we just call it Inside Lane Kiffin?

    Wolf: if only it could be, Bob. If only it could be. ( sigh)

    • TrojanFan3.0

      What dynasty?

      • UCLA Dynasty

        Name one major sport SCCC beat UCLA in over the last couple of years….. I’ll wait……. tick tock tick tock.

        Ding! Time’s up! That’s right, you haven’t. THAT Dynasty.

  • TrojanFan3.0

    Now you turned into the fashion police, truly pathetic!

    PS……your soccer jersey has white stains all over the front…….ouch!!!!!

  • Joe H

    Scott is just trying to get all of us to realize that there is no point in trying to predict anything of value from spring practice and we should just move on with our lives, at least until fall. I am starting realize that Scott is a genius in disguise, albeit a very good disguise, kind of like a pig, which actually is “the smartest, cleanest domestic animal known – more so than cats and dogs, according to some experts.”

  • TrojanFamily

    So it is Scott’s contention that when Sark walks to his closet to pick out clothes, the first thing he asks is, “what would Kiffin wear” (WWKW?) and then chooses the opposite? Scott is sort of like Joan Rivers if Joan Rivers stalked Lane Kiffin to the point where a restraining order might be needed.

  • wolfman, one thing is CRYSTAL CLEAR: Sarkdasian is petrified of doing ANYTHING that will raise your ire!!!!

    you’re already in Sark’s head, wolfman!!!

    he FEARS the Claw of the Wolf!!!

    he don’t wanna end up like his amigo Kiff!!!

    oh, wolfman, YOU are the person who controls the FATE of these trOXan Dummies!!! no WONDER they both fear and despise you!!!

    keep ooooooon scoooopin’ wolfman!!!!


    • NOBSisdaMAN

      Same old c r a p. Boring.

      • what are you doing here? did Wang’s blog crash? by the way, CRAP is not a banned word here, Dummy.