Tweets Of The Week

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  • B.Miller

    This shows what your best at… “COPY AND PASTE”
    Wolf, dont work yourself too hard..

    • gotroy22

      If you hate this blog so much why do you keep reading it?

      • B.Miller

        Stop D**K riding my comments..

  • Sally Cushing

    Fewer mistakes when copying and pasting.

  • UCLA Dynasty


    Scott Wolf (v)

    Unnamed sources at Heritage Hall tell me Lane Kiffin once forgot the at say good morning to his secretary and regularly left half empty coffee cups in the conference room. That’s not go flying at Alabama.

  • Nile Kinnick

    Hrmm, Howland did take UCLA to how many Final Fours in his first 4 seasons? A former Indiana coach was also not a “pleasant guy”… isn’t it all about winning anyway??

  • ThaiMex

    in his Final season, Ben Howland’s team won the CONFERENCE! In his last full season…SO Cal’s O’Neil went 2-20 in conference and was given a contract extension…nuff said.
    fit Un!