USC Morning Buzz: QB Update


Michael Owen Baker/L.A. Daily News

It’s time to check on the spring practice quarterback race and grade each quarterback on our scale of 1-4 Euros, with 4 being the best.

Cody Kessler €€€ (3) Picked up new offense fast. Will athleticism be issue?

Max Browne €€.5 (2.5) Making tougher passes than in fall but consistency must improve.

Jalen Greene € (1) Looks just like someone should three months out of high school.

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  • UCLA Dynasty

    Mr. Wolf – thanks for putting numbers next to your little commie dollar signs so I don’t have to explain counting to the SCCC grads.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      What dynasty?


      You had better get used to those commie dollar signs. Obummer has already given Ukrainia to teh Russians. Whats next? All I know is, buy (blue and) gold!


    Isn’t Kessler more athletic than Browne? And it’s already been pointed out by many on here that running an uptempo offense does not mean you need a running QB.

    • Cheap seats

      Yes…many seem to get the terms “uptempo” and “read option” mixed up. Then again, Wolf didn’t even know what a 5-2 was last year. He really thought it was 5 down linemen.

  • WhtHorse

    Oops, tripped over Bruins on a USC site …….again. Weird…….again!

    • gotroy22

      It’s no different than the Wild West board, get over yourself.

  • WhtHorse

    Sun Bowl = dynasty?????

  • Ray Reyes

    Why use Euros? Why not a “#W” for a “Wolfie?”

    • Brad Hutchings

      You’re new here, eh? This is a tradition that goes back to Wolf photobombing the Bush Push wearing a soccer jersey. I note that with complete admiration and respect. It was pretty gangsta.

      • Ray Reyes

        I’m hardly new here, but I don’t always pay attention to such drivel as rating systems to a “manufactured” QB race, which Wolfie is pushing for.

        • gotroy22

          He did it last year too.

      • -T-D-O-G-

        Ya and he looked like he was bored out of his mind with no emotion on his face whatsoever — another bizarre picture indeed, but gangsta? I wouldn’t describe it that way at all

    • -T-D-O-G-

      because he is a Euro wanna-be f a g that can’t get over his Kiffen heartbreak and his terrible prediction that Pete Carroll would fail in the NFL

  • Brad Hutchings

    Kessler is quite serviceable at this level. It’s kind of a shame that Barkley didn’t apply for a fifth year of eligibility to give Kessler a little more time to develop. While I don’t think we’re going to see Leinart level magic from Kessler, I don’t think he’s going to be the one guy that disappoints us. If we lose, it will be a team effort.

    • Independent_George

      There is talent at running back, talent at wide receiver, depth on the o-line, and a straight-forward scheme that doesn’t obsess over minutae.

      Kessler will be the John David Booty of the spread. Which is fine.

      • Ben Factor

        I’m not sure what depth you perceive on the OL. IMO, it is the group most likely to pose The Problem of 2014. If you’re counting on the five freshmen, your optimism makes me envious.

        IMO, the talent edge in 2014 will be far less than it was in 2004-2008. Against stronger opponents, the OL and run game will falter, and at that point, it would be QB magic that might win the game. I don’t know whether either Kessler or Browne can provide that. Kessler’s history answers in the negative (although past results are no guarantee of future performance). Browne elicited comparisons to Manning in HS, and we no longer hear those comparisons after USC practices (HS results are certainly no guarantee of future performance).

        Probably neither QB will be The Problem of 2014. Unfortunately, IMO, probably neither QB will be The Answer to 2014.

      • gotroy22

        This will be the year the lack of depth from the nCAA sanctions hurts the most.

        • Independent_George

          Meh. We have one more scholie player than last year.

          Same team depth issues as last year, but a little less on the DL this year, a little more on the OL. TE is an issue, I think that’s why Ty Isaac practiced in the slot.

          All depends on how healthy players stay. Kiffin, criticized for being soft in 2012, held Pete Carroll style physical practices in 2013 and players dropped like flies. If Lee and Grimble were healthy for the ND game I think we would have won.

          Actually have better depth at RB than last year, if everyone stays healthy. USC returns four players who rushed for at least 80+ yards in game.

    • Toejam For Life

      Barkley didn’t want to face Anthony Barr again in Unfinished Business, The Sequel!!!

  • Helen

    Scottie: there is no quarterback race, you don’t bench a returning QB who has a 10-win season behind him. Never happened. Never will. Sark doesn’t want Kessler to get complacent and to continue to improve. The only way Browne becomes the starter is if Kessler is injured or regresses after the season has started.

    • TrojanFamily

      And the likelihood of Browne playing at some point is pretty high. The spread and hurry-up exposes the QB more than the traditional pro set. One of USC’s problems has been the lack of preparation for the backup–this is the pro mindset of the coaching staff. I think it’s foolhardy for college programs not yo have two QBs ready at all times. I hope Browne develops into a legitimate 1A option, but I agree with you that Kessler is the starter unless there is an injury. And he should be.

      • Helen

        I can’t agree with you more regarding the frustration in USC’s lack of game-time experience of the backup QB. In a sport where one game knocks you out of national championship contention, it only takes one Walker whiff to allow the defender a straight shot at the QB and the season’s goal is gone. Hopefully Sark will give Browne some real game experience and not the garbage time when the game is decided and Sark looks greedy by having the QB throw the ball.

        I have no confidence Browne could step up after a Kessler injury and lead the team to victory, and that’s no knock on Browne.

    • -T-D-O-G-

      I agree 100% – Kessler beat the first 4 teams on the 2014 schedule 131 to 58. We should see plenty of Browne time if that Defense is any good, I have a feeling the Offense will be A-OK!

    • gotroy22

      When he loses to the Domers and the ruins you do.

      • Helen

        Yoda, is that you?

        • gotroy22

          Non Sequitur, is that you?

    • B.Miller

      Have I told you how much sense you make lately?

      • Helen

        I only respond when Scottie gets it wrong… so I’ll take your comment to also mean how much Scottie has gotten it wrong lately.


      it looks like we’ve got a chris simms v. major applewhite situation on our hands.

  • Sally Cushing

    An unblocked linebacker from the blind side sticks his helmet in the quarterback’s back, instead of using his hands to knock the ball loose, and he is hailed as some kind of hero? 15 yard for unnecessary roughness. BTW I prefer no injuries on either side. It’s best for the players and USC always wins, when at full strength – even with reduced numbers.

    • ThaiMex

      Hertz Donut?
      fit Un!

    • SUCC de trop

      Sure Sally, especially that glorious fall day SUCC’s FB team charged on to the mausoleum field to Fight On against Stanford, a 41 point dog. LOL.