UCLA.USCTime magazine has its own version of March Madness, where you can pit two schools against each other and see a winner selected on how prolific its famous alumni are. Link here

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  • NOBSisdaMAN


    USC. 1,259.9 UCLA. 328.5

    NobsisdaMan. bucket

    • you don’t even make sense anymore. go see Wang.

      • NOBSisdaMAN

        That’s because you are the biggest dummy here.

        • what happened to you, man??? you used to be da man!! edgy, rude, vulgar…

          in my EXPERT opinion, you have been essentially
          chemically castrated by the mutiple bans by the wolfman!!!

          a burnt out shell of your former self, now haunting Wang’s blog where you pretend to be a Bruin to fit in!!

          let this be a cautionary tale for you Dummies who take the
          low road… leads to this.

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            I’ve got more to do in life than make an @ $ $ out of myself like you do EVERY day.

          • SUCC de trop

            Yawn, same song, 2200th stinking verse.

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            And YOURS is the SAME OLD song. BORING.

          • gaaawd cant believe they deleted by sweeet post!!

            and all i said was that the multiple bans had essentially left you chemically castrated…..that is not vulgar. humorous and clever, yes, but vulgar? no way!!!

            moderator, wise up!!!

          • Larry Harris

            Do you dare to question Gina, the Emerging Platforms Director | managing mobile, social media & data projects for the Los Angeles News Group? Next thing you know, people will start calling a garbage collector a Sanitation Engineer.

            The verdict is still out on chemical castration.

          • me and Gina D are like THIS!!!! (crossing fingers)

            she’ll be the FIRST to admit she missed the ball on this one…but look, it’s a wacky business, who cares?

    BRUTAL kick to the trOXans’ CROTCH, wolfman!!!
    not really news, though, everyone, including trOXans know UCLA rules on the field, in the classroom and influence wise!!!!!
    wolfman, only YOU have the GUTS to tell the truth!!!


      Their recruiting class sure showed off that “influence”!

  • WEB_Dupree

    Bob Barr went to USC? I’m surprised that I’ve never heard about that.

  • john wolcott

    Huh? I spent about 5 seconds digesting this, and I am not going to give it any more time

  • Scott

    U of Miami gains “influence” because Aaron Hernandez has a lengthy Wikipedia page. Maybe Time Magazine’s methodology is a little flawed. Not sure I’m too concerned about how “influential” SC is by this definition. Fail.

    • if that’s true, then it follows the trOXans got a HUGE BUMP from OJ!!!!

      wonder what the score whouldda been without the Juice??

      • Larry Harris

        What if we replaced ‘Juice’ and Barr with John Wayne and Alan Ladd (both Sigma Chi)? Standing by is Tom Selleck.

        • Geez Louise, Snufferino, Alan Ladd?? The Duke?

          This is exactly why the Cadre calls it Yesterday U!!!

          • TrojanFamily

            So why is John Wayne “Yesterday U” but OJ Simpson and a 17 year old kid’s twitter typo from years ago are current?

            Maybe the Cadre ought to work in a little new material. You’ve quickly become the Dane Cook of internet trolling.

          • SUCC de trop

            How about JW is expired and OJ’s legend is enhanced by a stretch in a Nevada max penal institution. I imagine OJ regales the inmates with funny stories of his academic success at SUCC. Now try not to go nuts TF.

          • i dont know who dane cook is, but he must be a witty, charming fellow.

        • SUCC de trop

          Tom Selleck, you mean the TV PI who drove a red Dino Ferrari so as to blend in and not be noticed in those short-shorts. Book em, Tommy.

          • gotroy22

            Tom’s show dominated television in the 1980s, he has continued acting in movies including a great performance as General Dwight Eisenhower at D-Day and he has another show now.

          • Larry Harris

            His current show is the TV hit ‘Blue Bloods’.

          • Larry Harris

            Whenever he drives it on campus, he blends in perfectly. Now if he were to motor about in a powder blue Ugo, that would attract attention. His short-shorts are a carry over from 1966 when he was a walk-on to the basketball team. John Block was the center on that team.

          • SUCC de trop

            Lar Dog, with all due respect, it’s Yugo.

          • Larry Harris

            U go girl!
            Correction noted and appreciated. Can’t even blame it on a typro.
            Your reference to short-shorts got me all confuseled.

      • Scott

        Ha! Yes, I knew as soon as I sent it that OJ would come to the fore. Ever long for an “unsend” button? But really, I think it reinforces my point….

  • ProbationU

    That’s a list that makes both schools look bad. What a joke! How come Scotty wasn’t on the list as a great journalist?

    • Larry Harris

      A joke? You call Lisa Marie Vargan, the professional wrestler, a joke? I recall many of her bouts with Georgeous George on B/W channel 5 TV.
      She was afraid of Argentine Roca however and quickly retired.
      Someone last week said that they thought Obama went to school in Westwood prior to doing graduate work at Harvard. Any truth to that? Makes OJ look pretty good by comparison. N’est-ce pas?

      • What a genius that Gorgeous George was!! He pretended to be a dandy boy because he knew it would infuriate the Dummies…er, I mean wresting fans into packing the house!!!

        If only someone today were so clever!!!

  • Paul Dee

    Darryl Keith Henley (born October 30, 1966 in Los Angeles, California) is a former American football cornerback in the National Football League. He was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in the 1989 draft from UCLA. In his career he played in 76 games and amassed 12 interceptions. Henley is currently serving a 41-year prison sentence for trafficking cocaine and attempting to murder the judge and a witness from his trial by hiring contract killers.[1]

    • SUCC de trop

      The only thing that differentiates the two convicts is OJ had a better Attorney for his homicide trial than Henley had for his narco trafficking trial.

    • gotroy22

      The difference is OJ was an American legend while Henley was a nobody at a school with little football tradition besides being our punching bag.

    • Paul, you are my idol!! you had the guts to bring down the CORRUPT Southern Cal program!!!

      Fit UN!!!

  • JayJR

    Time also says… “University of Southern California is 1.02 times more influential than Stanford University” and “University of Southern California is 1.20 times more influential than University of California, Berkeley”