A Sills-y Commitment

Today’s non-announcement announcement by quarterback Josh Rosen that he would attend UCLA again raises the issue of why Lane Kiffin took a commitment from the Baby Quarteback (David Sills) when he was in the seventh grade?

Publicity was one reason . . . for Kiffin and perhaps those who coached Sills. But here we are four years later and if look at this prediction from 24/7 Sports,  not one of their eight anaylsts predict Sills will go to USC. They all have him going to Michigan.

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  • stellar wordplay, wolfman!!

    but you also raise a hard-hitting point. where was Hadden while this nonsense was going on??

    is he the AD or the ADD???


    • NOBSisdaMAN

      What a bore you are.

      • Then why do you hang on my every word?? Same rhetoric that you Dummies hang on the wolfman…you can’t quit either of us!!!

        • TrojanFan3.0

          One of the same, beyond pathetic!

          That dementia is some nasty stuff

        • timtrojan

          Yes it is true, I wake up everyday wondering what a little troll hanging on a USC board thinks. After lots of reflection, I have decided that you and Scott are not worth the time of day. You guys can have each other. Bye Bye

          • SUCC de trop

            Promises, promises.

          • you’ll be back. and the Cadre will be here.

  • ThaiMex

    So….UCLA signs the #1 Q.B. in the Nation, the #2 prospect over all, he’s got FIVE STARS , and has a 4.8 GPA….while your Five star guys may not QUALIFY! It’s just MORA the same…
    fit Un you big dummies!

  • B.Miller

    He still a 4 star QB.. and will be the best QB in the nation.. BOOM!
    Just waiting for wolf to create the next Poll about it..

  • CardinalnGold

    Who cares, last I checked Ricky Town is still coming.

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    Will take Hundley-Woullard-Rosen the next 4 years over Kessler-Browne-Town–any day. Again, the Bruins staying one step ahead of the big, slow SC QB pool.