Southern California, The QB Hotbed

A couple weeks ago I mocked the idea that the two best quarterbacks in the entire nation live within driving distance of each other. But now it is even worse. has Josh Rosen No. 1, Ricky Town No. 2 and Brady White of Hart High School in Newhall No. 3.

So now the three best quarterbacks in the country are all in Southern California. I have nothing against any of these quarterbacks and White performed well at the recent Nike combine. But as I said before, are you telling there isn’t a quarterback in the South or Midwest who is better? Please.

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  • Cheap seats

    For once, I agree with Wolf. Rating high school QBs out of high school is a total crapshoot, especially if they come from a spread offense.

  • wolfman, glad you brought up the head to head, apples to apples skills competition that ROSEN won going away!!!

    while no one can PREDICT the future, at least we have a head to head, apples to apples competition to guide us!!!

    thanks for the GUMBALL, wolfman!!!

  • Trogan Fan

    Yes, in fact, that’s what they are telling you. But really, Newhall, St. Bonnie and Bosco are quite spread out. Is it possible that the three best QBs live in Northern Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania?

  • john wolcott

    Stars in high school are a dime a dozen. Let’s see how they do in the “bigs” (college)

    And it has been said there is an even bigger spread between college footballers and the NFL. That is pretty amazing

  • B.Miller

    Sills will be the best QB in college.. boom!