USC Morning Buzz: A Season Of Disappointment for Basketball

UTAH.USCWith the NCAA Tournament starting today, here’s my analysis on the USC basketball season, which saw the team win just two Pac-12 games. Excerpt:

“The Trojans quickly bowed out of the Pacific-12 Conference Tournament in the first round, a world away from the bravado and optimism that surrounded Coach Andy Enfield’s hiring 11 months ago. Nearly a year and only two Pac-12 victories later, Enfield went from being a miracle worker at Florida Gulf Coast to someone who inherited a bad roster and did the best he could.

“At least that was the spin inside USC. Outside, tougher questions were asked. Yes, the Trojans were not overly talented. But why didn’t players get better over the course of the season?” Full story here

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  • realtrojan

    I’m sure this thread will be ablaze with passionate comments soon. Any volunteers to get it started? lol.

  • timtrojan

    What is the over under on percentage of people that click for the full story? Does anybody come to this site for Scotty analysis? Just a site to see the desperate UCLA crowd and occasional get a tidbit of info. My guess is that 15% of people click through.

    • WEB_Dupree

      I admit, I clicked through. It’s kind of like, if you find yourself forced to go to a Chuck E. Cheese for a little kid’s birthday, you might as well go ahead and have a slice of their pizza since you’re already there.

  • Fred Sampson

    All questions pertaining to the demise of the USC basketball team should be directed to Pat Harden and his girlfriend Kevin O’Neil , who he actually brought back after winning only 6 games … !! Really ? What other Athletic Director in the history of College Basketball would have ever done that ? So don’t judge Andy Enfield until 2016 .

    • gotroy22

      The only thing more disappointing than the Seinfeld comedy show at Galen this year is Golly-Nerd’s performance at the Star Wars Best Costume contests at all those Comic Con conventions. Let’s hope Golly-Nerd wins for best Jar Jar Binks costume before Seinfeld wins the Pac 12.

    • TrojanFamily

      I agree with you here Fred, except on one point. Enfield inherited a horror show of a roster thanks to O’Neill. BUT Scott is right in that the team showed no improvement and that’s a serious problem. With the infusion of new talent, USC needs to be at least a .500 team in conference. If they are, they should be a tournament team. USC needs two years of improvement next year since this year was such a lost year. I think we need to judge him in 2015.

      • SUCC de trop

        Once again TF your information is nothing more than SUCC Basketball fantasy and blind ignorance. A simple glance at the final Pac 12, 2013 -14 final BB standings indicates, Cal 10 – 8 , Utah 9 – 9 and U-Dub 9 – 9 – these three teams did not receive an NCAA at large invitation to the Big tournament. Striving for a .500 conf. Basketball record seems about SUCC’s BB speed.

        • TrojanFamily

          Shh. The adults are talking today.

          • SUCC de trop

            LOL. SUCC crumbles on.

      • ThaiMex

        BWAAAAAA! SUCC now striving for a 500 (“at least 500”) record? Looks like LIMBO U may have hit the bottom. Why be great when you can be mediocre? Why SOAR with Eagles when you enjoy the Wino Urine odor?
        fit Un!

  • Brad Hutchings

    Pat Haden isn’t going to fire Andy Enfield, ever. Enfield would just turn around and buy the University, then fire Pat Haden. That’s how he plays.

  • jkstewart2

    There have been worse seasons, but not many. The acceptance of terrible seems the hallmark of Haden’s tenure. While we can’t blame Enfield for the roster, the teams performance was worse than any coach’s freshman year. It bodes I’ll for the future.

  • j metaphor

    SC Basketball is what it has always been and what SC football has become,
    Second best in LA.

  • Ken Hart

    Altogether fitting that such a disappointment for a beat writer should report it.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    I hired a couple trogans in my firm so I can guarantee at least someone will be working during the first round of the Tourney every year.

    • Gollum-Wolf

      And a Trojan hired you, Dienasty, so what’s your point?

      • gotroy22

        Many at the Comic Con Conventions wonder what the point of Golly-Nerd showing up wearing a Toys-R-Us costume with the price tag still on.

    • TrojanFamily

      Did any if them have a twitter typo when they were 17? You could troll that. That’s a fresh take.

  • Gollum-Wolf

    Parallel storyline: ” A Life and Career of Disappointment for Smeagol-Wolf”

    • gotroy22

      Parallel storyline: “Golly-Nerd: A Life of a Loser.”

  • Ken Hart

    It seems to me that Scott now has more deranged bRuins posting on this “Inside USC” site than Trojans. He has become like an idol to Welfare U.

  • WOLFMAN!!! that’s what i’m talkin’ ’bout!!!

    FINALLY you take Enfield to the woodshed, like Alford did TWICE!!!!

    you forgot to mention, how Enfiled LOST control of his team!!! (Just Like Football! Just Like Football!) with players blowing off team rules and standing around cutting up on the sidelines with NO FEAR of Enfield!!

    this historically impotent team is emblematic of Southern Cal’s Past, Present and FUTURE!!!

    Memo to Cadre: today i am announcing a Cadre-sponsored proposal to the Pac 12 calling for a referendum on Southern Cal’s unceremonious removal from the Pac 12 on the basis of their Embarrassingly Inept Athletic Program!!

    All in Favor, wolf-howl!!!


    • UCLA Dynasty

      I’d like to keep the automatic Ws on the Bruin schedule. Perhaps we could trade them to the WAC for Idaho.

  • SonOfWestwood

    I liken Enfield to Mike Leach, a very talented coach who has a “system” he likes to play and needs the right athletes to execute it. He, more than anyone will need a couple years to recruit the right “fit” players before he can be judged. The question is whether or not his system will work in the grind of a major conference.

    • SUCC de trop

      Spoken like someone who has loaned 250K to cool person but hasn’t heard from same in six weeks.

  • Nile Kinnick

    I think the article goes too easy on Andy; this guy led USC to dead last! Is our talent level worse than Oregon State or WSU!?? Come on….There was also no improvement as Scott mentioned. No identity. USC was getting blown out in most games. This is LA! How can this happen!