Byron Wesley Named Basketball MVP

The basketball banquet was held tonight (who knew?). And to no surprise, Byron Wesley was named most valuable player. A full list of award winners is after the jump:

Sam Barry Award MVP Byron Wesley
Dr. James Zumberge Award Top GPA Samer Dhillon
John Rudometkin Award 110% Effort Julian Jacobs
Ernie Holbrook Award Most Inspirational Strahinja Gavrilovic
Bill Sharman Award Top FT Percentage Pe’Shon Howard
Forrest F. Twogood Award Best Defensive Player Omar Oraby
The Harold Jones Award Most Improved Nikola Jovanovic
Bob Boyd Award Top Rebounder Byron Wesley
Ryan Francis Scholarship Award Example of Being a Trojan D.J. Haley

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  • Scotty, remember how Lane acted like a bully and treated you like his byatch?…I know I had a point there but I forgot it.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      Correction, Faux, the WOLFMAN ran Kiff outta town on a RAIL!!!

      like most trOXans, Kiff got Beyatched in the end!!

  • Nile Kinnick

    Worst D-1 hire in college basketball: Andy E.
    Least improved NCAA team: USC

    1 is the loneliest number…

  • john wolcott

    Wesley should also have gotten the OPOT award:
    Only Player On Team

  • john wolcott

    And now SUCLA-Florida.

    I could give a hang about Florida, but I will be rooting hard for them to make it 4 in a row over SUCLA.

    A hard attitude towards SUCLA has only be further toughened because of the charming SUCLA crowd on this blog

    • Helen

      Shame on you, you should cheer for the Pac 12 Team. trOXans I mean Trojans are bigger than that.

      God-speed, Bruins, stay brave!

      and insofar as the extra cash in concerned, thanks for the GUMBALL!!

    • Larry Harris

      Priorities for a true SC fan:
      1.) USC wins
      2.) Pac-12 teams win

      If you allow a few SC haters get to you, then they win. Priority for many Bruin fans is:
      1.) SC loses
      2.) UCLA wins…(something wrong with this picture?)
      This attitude upsets most of my UCLA buds, but it is what it is.
      That is the problem of those from Westwood. It has no bearing on us.

      Helen is obviously a true SC fan. Some others, perhaps not so much.

  • Mike 70

    As usual Wolf you are 24 hours behind the news cycle. Where is the thread on the Northwestern Union program, headed by a former UCLA player?

  • B.Miller

    Does anyone really deserve an award on this team?

  • john wolcott

    You could have a point Larry Harris and Helen, but my original DNA to root for all west coast teams was permanently altered over the decades by the lustful hatred SUCLA people have for SC.

    I of course don’t hate SUCLA, its fans are largely faceless and typical L.A. types to me, but to root for their team– sorry, maybe you can chalk it up to I am damaged good, but that is the way it is.

  • john wolcott

    “good” should be “goods”

    “be” should be “been”

    Good golly Miss Molly, I am turning into a Scott Wolf