USC Morning Buzz: Baby Quarterback Unlikely To Join Trojans

There’s been little said regarding quarterback David Sills, who committed to USC when he was in the seventh grade. Sills is a junior now and looks unlikely to join the Trojans. USC coach Steve Sarkisian, who secured a commitment from highly regarded quarterback Ricky Town, has not spoken to Sills yet according to sources on the East Coast.

Sills is being recruited by Michigan, Maryland and Virginia Tech among other schools. Story here

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  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    Gargamel is a putz.

    • Scott Wolf

      Putz, Smutz. Did you notice how I cleverly inserted a Kiffin angle into the story about a high school player who won’t be putting on a USC uniform? Also note my use of the famous “sources” so I could insert my own opinions. It’s a little known fact that Sark and I are really tight, and he secretly told me he has not spoken to Sills – now that’s Inside USC knowledge. I probably shouldn’t have let this information get out, but it’s too late now. Okay, the survey was just a survey and I’m sorry I got my panties in a bunch. Gargamel out.


        Good work Wolfman, but you forgot to include any UCLA news, stuff about uniforms, or swipes at Enfeld. Bonus points for talking about morning practices — an oldie but a goodie! I say you earned three Neuheisel Nickels for this one!

  • Ray Reyes

    I’m just so mind blown away how there are so many bRUINS commenting on here! Don’t you follow YOUR OWN team? Why troll USC blogs? I still can’t comprehend the mindset which brings the bRUIN trolls here.

    • Helen

      Do you ask a hammer why it pounds nails all day??

      Or a scorpion why it stings the frog???

      It’s simply in Bruins nature to hunt and destroy trOXans!!

      Ask Anthony Barr!! Or the Pious Passer!!

      • Ray Reyes

        WHOA! Was that really you posting Helen? trOXans? Pious Passer?

        • Ray Reyes

          Helen has been compromised and hijacked. If Helen was real in the first place.

          • Ray Reyes

            My respect for this blog has gone from zero to zero. Can’t go any lower. Good job Scott!

        • Ray Reyes

          trOXans? Pious Passer? Those are terms used by the bRUIIN trolls. Could “Helen” be an alias for one of them. I think so.

      • SUCC de trop

        Thank you Helen.

  • B.Miller

    BEST QB in the nation

  • Scott

    I believe this has been a fait accompli for a while.