Ryan Boatright Makes Final Four


 Photo/Associated Press

The first time I saw Ryan Boatright, he was an 8th grader talking to Tim Floyd about a scholarship offer outside the Galen Center. Boatright accepted Floyd’s offer and committed to USC, the youngest player to ever commit to the Trojans’ basketball team. The Baby Quarterback was a seventh grader so he wins the football competition.

Well, Boatright’s commitment did not survive Floyd’s departure when Kevin O’Neill did not want him. And now Boatright is going to the Final Four as a key player for UConn.

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  • Nile Kinnick

    Now these are the type of players USC needs to recruit..not the ones headed to LMU. There are no excuses; this is the Pac-12, and USC, which has so much to offer in the total package (academics, location, weather, facilities). Nobody wants to hear cheap excuses why USC finished behind WSU. Talk about a total LACK of offerings – awful weather, isolation, cows (the animal kind too), weak academics … yet USC finished behind them? Please….

    • ThaiMex

      Easy big fella……so what if they finished behind WAZZU….that’s not the real story. I guess you’ve forgotten last year when during a road trip to Spokane, two of “our” centers punched out and kicked azzzz on a whole bunch of Spokane’s toughest broads! We play fast fast and kick some azzzzzzzz!
      fit Un!

      • Nile Kinnick


      • marvgoux1

        Did they drop the charges?

      • NobisaMan

        oh i TOTALLY remember that!!! Dedmon and twin Tower 7 foot co-thug carpet-bombed two broads with punches after the game!!

        in retrospect, I think this sealed Can’t Do’s perm Job prospects!!

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Hey Bangkok boy, err, Mai Tai Mex, have I told you the story about how ugly has survived 50 years of buying players and have never once been busted by the ncaa? See it started with wooden and gilbert, then that cowboy coach and now Howland. Oh by the way, the pryamid that wooden built is nothing but a house of cards. His final motto on it was, “If you ain’t you anin’t winnin'”.

  • Pasadena Trojan

    Where is charlene the bucket or my favorite, rust bucket?

    • NobisaMan

      you mean the Capet Bomber? He’s gone underground.

      he’s here…but you never know exactly where or when.

  • Pasadena Trojan

    I meant to say, a quote by wooden, “If you ain’t cheatin’ u ain’t tryin’.”