USC Likes Some NCAA Sanctions

USC announced today that its summer football camps are closed to the general public. They could have been open if USC wanted them to be, like during the Pete Carroll era, but chose not to. Basketball camps, which does not have nearly the same interest, will be open to the public.

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College Football Playoff Selection Procedures Announced

The all-important details on the College Football Playoff were released today, including the recusal procedures, which apply to USC athletic director Pat Haden, who sits on the committee.

Here’s the key phrase:

  • If a committee member or an immediate family member, e.g., spouse, sibling or child, (a) is compensated by a school, (b) provides professional services for a school, or (c) is on the coaching staff or administrative staff at a school or is a football student-athlete at a school, that member will be recused. Such compensation shall include not only direct employment, but also current paid consulting arrangements, deferred compensation (e.g., contract payments continuing after employment has ended) or other benefits.

Full rules here

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Who Starts At Right Guard?

The USC spring depth chart listed Khaliel Rodgers as the starting right guard. But the position seems far from settled and I consider it the weakest on the line. Who else might start? Jordan Simmons? Damien Mama? Viane Talamaivao? Toa Lobendahn, who is at left guard but could be surpassed by Aundrey Walker? Chris Brown?

You could throw a dart at the list of names and have as good a chance as the coaches right now at being correct.

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A Reason USC Baseball Is Better

USC’s nine-game winning streak was snapped by the master, Mike Gillespie, last night. But Dan Hubbs is doing the the best job since Gillespie was foolishly fired. Here’s a story from the Chad Kreuter era for your entertainment.

One night USC was playing at Dedeaux Field, Kreuter was ejected for objecting to the way the umpires interpeted a rule. After the ejection, Kreuter went to the umpires’ locker room and plastered the walls with photocopies of the rule.

After a staff member discovered the situation, a crew rushed to take down the copies before the game ended and the umpires returned.

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