Former USC Player Armond Armstead’s Trial Could Be Delayed Until Next Year

The trial of former USC defensive end Armond Armstead is scheduled to begin in June but could be delayed until 2015 because the judge said there are so many pretrial motions. Armstead filed a lawsuit against USC in 2012, claiming painkillers he was given caused him to have a heart attack.

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  • WEB_Dupree

    Maybe this is nitpicking, but calling it “the trial of Armond Armstead” makes it sound like he is a defendant in a criminal prosecution. Armstead is just a civil plaintiff.

    Then again, maybe just using the word “trial” and the name of a professional athlete in the same sentence makes it sound like a criminal matter.

  • assuming the Northwestern Case in not overturned, Union rights will prevent this injustice from occurring in the near future.

    as Employees, the trOXans would be automatically covered by Workers’ Comp, and get LIFETIME care for all their work related ills. fair by any standards since the Pac 12 is raking in Billions directly from sacrificing the bodies of the student athletes!!

    Armstead and Stephon Johsnson for two examples would not have to sue to get their due insurance coverage. plus, no general or special damages involved under Comp so the deal is better from a risk-avoidance standpoint for the Universities.

    • WEB_Dupree

      Come on now. After all your years on this blog, nobody here is going to believe that you do not know how to spell Stafon.

      • you really ARE nitpicking today.

        • TrojanFan3.0


    • Jethro G Sabbath


      Never mind all this legal stuff.
      I see that this site has a new sponsor offering a chance to meet Thai women. Do you think it could be directed at a certain lonely reader who constantly posts in the middle of the night?

      • i haven’t seen the add but that’s interesting because Thai is actually in the Human Trafficking business, among others. if i’m not mistaken, he just signed a deal with Rey Reyes to fly the gals into Tijuana where they will be moved to the US via Coyote (that’s where Bruin Todd comes in).

        the gals will work at the Cadre HQ until they meet their betrotheds.

        but Thai never mentioned putting an ad on the wolfman’s blog…SHEER GENIUS!!

        • Jethro G Sabbath

          Being involved with human trafficking would start to explain why his attitude here can be so vile.

          • I misspoke when I said human trafficking, it is really more like social networking.

            These are lovely ladies, and my apologies…to them!

  • gillyking

    Once again, worthless trolling has destroyed a legitimate topic..

  • john wolcott

    Johnson is suing on a 3rd party claim which usually reaps more benefits (i.e. money) than a worker’s comp claim

    In this day and age, if there is even a scintilla chance of a successful lawsuit, L.A. people will jump on it in a New York minute. Of course in Johnson’s and Armstead’s cases, SC will fold and pay them in the 6 figures, but not 7.

  • ProbationU

    Funny, but I see nothing there that says UCLA cheated. I see an agent that was paying a kid starting when he was in high school. When UCLA found out, it notified the NCAA. Just like they are supposed to do.

    Liked the part about former Trojan BB player Ron Holmes pleading guilty to fraud. There seems to be a few parents trying to capitalize on their kids futures rather than be decent role models anymore.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      You forgot to mention Holmes’ son played basketball for the ruins, shabazz muhammad

      Nice try!

      • ProbationU

        I assumed it was already known. Common knowledge. Getting loans based upon his kid’s future earnings. Quite the scumbag. Seems to be a theme among a lot of parents these days…in both sports and entertainment, ala Justing Bieber’s father living off the son.

    • steveg

      A few parents? Seems almost the norm out there now. See momma in all her bling?