USC Student Section Email

Here is the full email students received last night. I will find out today if this is a real policy or a prank, as some students believe.

The website Neon Tommy reports it is a prank.


The USC Ticket Office is announcing NEW details regarding the 2014 USC Football Student Season Ticket.

*All undergraduate students are required to obtain a RESERVED SEAT ticket in addition to the 2014 USC Football Season Ticket purchased online through the USC Ticket Office website.

*This RESERVED SEAT ticket will ensure that the student is guaranteed a Student Section seat for all six (6) of the Fall 2014 football games. Student Section seats are now limited to 3,000 undergraduates. Additional tickets will be made available for a limited number of Graduate Students.

*Each RESERVED SEAT ticket will have an assigned seat number reserved for all Fall 2014 football games.

*Group seating will be accommodated, if all undergraduates are present and have previously purchased a 2014 USC Football Student Season Ticket.

*RESERVED SEAT tickets will be issued on a first-come, first-serve basis to those that have already purchased their 2014 USC Football Season Ticket online.

*2014 USC Football Season Tickets can be purchased online via

RESERVED SEAT tickets will be distributed on Thursday, April 3, 2014. The process of obtaining a RESERVED SEAT ticket is outlined below.

*9:00AM: Line formation begins at the USC Ticket Office tent located in front of the USC Ticket Office at the Gwynn Wilson Student Union on the University Park Campus along Trousdale Parkway. Saving places for others in line will not be allowed.

*12:00PM: RESERVED SEAT tickets will be distributed to the first 3,000 undergraduates in line. A USC ID is required to confirm prior purchase of the 2014 USC Football Season Ticket and for acquisition of the RESERVED SEAT ticket.

*If a student has purchased a 2014 USC Football Season Ticket, but fails to obtain a RESERVED SEAT ticket, a refund will be granted.

Please remember that a valid USC ID is required to enter all Fall 2014 football games through Student Gate 28.

Access to all other regular season USC athletic events will require only your USCard. These events have limited capacity and admittance will be on a first-come-first-served basis, depending on the size of the venue and the student section.

*Tickets are subject to availability.

Fight On!
USC Ticket Office

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  • Sarknado

    Scott, how could this be a prank if you reported it as true? Maybe you should make a few phone calls before you start mudslinging. But wait, that may require a little work…

    • the wolfman only posed the question…..IS the Student Section Next??

      and now he is reporting that is COULD BE a prank.

      Stellar reportage, wolfman!!!

  • Ken Hart

    Of course being the fine reporter than you are you report it and then try and verify it. Scott you are a tool.

  • Toejam For Life

    Since the Coliseum will be half empty any way because everyone is at water polo, this shouldn’t affect too many people! Awful Schedule On!

    • Cheap seats

      I think you’re confusing the Coliseum with the Rose Bowl. Even during your so-called “reign” in the 90’s, we averaged more attendance… a “bad area” with higher ticket prices.

      A UCLA troll should be the last to try and talk smack about attendance.

  • Trojan66

    wow..jealous UCLA fans still about…they just never give up..even when they finally after 15 years have a decent team of their own, they still come on here posting childish slams…really makes you wonder..