Ryan Boatright Makes NCAA Finals

UConn point guard Ryan Boatright had 13 points and six rebounds as the Huskies defeated Florida, 63-53, to advance to Monday’s NCAA championship game. Remember Boatright committed to USC as an eighth grader before switching after Tim Floyd left.

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  • UCLA Dynasty

    This hack SCCC journalist is so predicable. Called this post two or three posts down.

  • Gollum-Wolf

    No one cares, Gargamel, just as we don’t care about that turd Kiffin in Alabama or the young boy you’re obsessed with named Sills that you’ve been cyber stalking since middle school…

    • SUCC de trop

      We know G-W, you’re just interested in childish games of make believe.

  • ProbationU

    Nothing quite as solid as the commitment of an 8th grader. I can’t believe it didn’t stick.

  • Larry Harris

    Wasn’t Boatright previously covered by you (March 30)? Yes, we remember.

  • Gary Klein

    I seriously wonder how much he had to be made fun of at USC to be this bitter.

    I still remember the night Wolf was digging up any story that dealt with a player fighting and found some way to make it USC related.

    “______ suspended after throwing a punch. If you remember, back in 1990, his gardener’s aunt was offered a scholarship to USC’s badminton team.”

  • john wolcott

    So the kid was a recruit and it did not pan out.

    It happens. I once tried recruiting Raquel Welch, and that too did not pan out

    • ThaiMex

      Was that back in High School/Jr. College when you were not so attractive…or was that later on in life when you turned into that Great big Hunk of a Man that you are now?
      fit Un!