USC Offers Class Of 2016 Prospects

USC offered scholarships to five players who are juniors-to-be in high school during Saturday’s practice. Here’s the list:

Tyler Vaughns (ATH), La Puente Bishop Amat; Trevon Sidney (ATH) La Puente Bishop Amat; Dylan Crawford (WR) La Canada St. Francis; Lokeni Toailoa (MLB) Rialto Carter; Darrian Franklin (OLB) Downey.

Toailoa was at UCLA practice when he was offered by USC.

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  • SUCC de trop

    Recruiting update: Sark, SUCC FB HC, declares a nationwide blanket offer for all 2016 HS FB players.

    • B.Miller

      Who wouldnt? Kids only go to SUCLA because they could not come to USC due to low Scholarships..

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Ryan Bootright in the Finals blog post coming in 3…2…1

  • rusoviet

    ‘If’ Toailoa chooses Troy over ‘Bel-air tech’ – it truly speaks volumes of the reality of SC over UCLA – if I were Mora I would be moving real hard to ‘close the deal’ before there is no ‘deal’ i.e. a 3rd year HC losing out a competitive recruit to the main rival’s first year coach before said 1st year HC has even coached a game.

    What matters, truly, is what both the 4th estate and the NFL locks in on – USC is Troy, resplendent in all her glory….and bel-air tech….keep hoping Altford can get past the ‘Sweet 16’ next year…

    ‘Jimmah’ Mora is working hard (dat fool better be doin’ more than clowin’) – problem is ‘if’ Jimmah were at Troy he’d be laughing at the clown at bel-air tech…bel-air tech – go there for your GLBT BA/MS/PhD in fruitopian studies courtesy of us ‘CA’ tax payers…..major in depravity and good luck even at Starbucks you ‘brewiies’….’what’s brewin?? Nothing but the ‘de rigeur’ homage to ‘woodie’…”Oh come let us adore him….for he never played the man… because he was jonnie whitebread…woodie the putz….

    • SUCC de trop

      Putain, you are not Mora, you’re raving, ranting SUCC dipsomaniac with a huge inferiority complex. Paging Betty Ford’s Clinic.

    • Gary Klein

      Isn’t this why UCLA hired Pola? To out recruit us for the local Islander talent?