Traveler Visits Howard Jones Field


 Photo/Beverly Pham

Traveler made a rare appearance at Howard Jones Field during football practice Saturday, after attending Swim with Mike.

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  • betomas

    Haden: “What’s the score?”
    Sark: “0-0”
    Haden: “who’s winning?”

    Blank look on Sark’s face.

    • Sally Cushing

      Traveler, an icon you fail to see, is in the foreground. The scoreboard, you see, is in the background. What have you ever accomplished in your life, you little snot? Answer, look at the scoreboard.

      • betomas

        What the…what’s your problem, Sally Cushing?

        What bit you in the butt?

  • john wolcott

    Funny how no other school in America has a horse as a mascot. Perhaps they thought it would like as if they were copying SC.

    Or maybe it would look a little silly, for example, if a SUCLA bruin came riding in on one

    • ThaiMex

      Paralegal….you missed the real point. Nobody told you? The Horse isn’t the mascot….The Horses REAR END is what best symbolizes everything about So So Cal…
      fit Un!

      • Textbook crotch kick, Thai!!

        Quick, sudden, and most importantly, SAVAGE!!!

    • betomas

      Wrong Lawyer John. Where are your legal research skills when you need em?

      Off the top of my head I can think of three other colleges that have horse mascots: Flo’rida St., UCF, and the Sooners.

      But Traveler rules the roost.
      Fight On!!

  • Cheap seats

    Bucket/Scott likes horses.

  • Traveler!

    Where are the idiots in the silly teddy bear costumes?