Ryan Boatright Wins NCAA Title


David J. Phillip/AP

UConn point guard Ryan Boatright scored 14 points, grabbed four rebounds and handed out three assists to help the Huskies upset favored Kentucky for the national championship. That definitely tops winning two Pac-12 games. If are you are a new reader, Boatright committed to USC when he was 13 but then was told to go elsewhere when Kevin O’Neill replaced Tim Floyd.

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  • Devastating crotch kick wolfman!!!

    Somewhere Pat O’Hadden sits at his desk, with the defeated countenance of Dean Wormer…”I hate that wolfman”….

  • UCLA Dynasty

    This is like a series of bad children’s books: Ryan Boatwright goes to the Tournament, Ryan Boatwright wins the Game, Ryan Boatwright Gets a Dog. Each book has the same nauseating storyline, Ryan Boatwright is a basketball player. Ryan once got a bag of cash from a dirty coach but didn’t return it because that coach got fired for being dirty.

  • TrojanFan3.0

    You post a new blog entry then log out and are the first to reply under the “bucket” username, beyond pathetic!

    ….and you wonder why you get no respect!

  • LamontRaymond

    Congrats Ryan & the Huskies! I’m so tired of the one-and-done garbage. Great to see the veteran team take care of biz.

  • Gollum-Wolf

    Keep beating it, Smeagol-Wolf…

  • john wolcott

    That was a fun game. Goes to show there are other ways to win big without having the “bigs.” Quick guard play displayed by UConn is more entertaining than seeing behemoths dunk and miss free throws.

  • j metaphor

    And the Trojan Band soundly and roundly booed by the Dodger crowd on opening day.

  • Fred Sampson

    Good Ol’ Kevin O’Neil !!! He’s one of the best talent evaluator’s ever ….lmao !!!!

  • party_opponent

    Ryan Boatright ate cereal this morning.

  • G Man

    Let’s be honest: Kevin O’Neill was better than Andy Enfield is. Coach KO was the “good ol’ days” for USC hoops.

  • Nile Kinnick

    Is it too late for him to transfer to USC? That is, if he wants to “play fast” (for last) under Andy

  • Golden Trojan

    How much did Ryan contribute to UCONN’s substandard APR that kept them out of the dance last year!?