Larry Scott Takedown

Here’s a dissection against Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott’s recent USA Today column against the unionization of college athletes. Excerpt:

“Larry Scott is in favor of continuing a system in which a group of schools are allowed to collude and conspire (via NCAA amateurism restrictions) to price-fix both direct (scholarships) and indirect (everything else, from tattoos to loans to money handshakes) compensation for one group of service providers (athletes) but for not anyone else (athletic directors, coaches, conference commissioners), punishable by group boycott (ineligibility and sanctions).”

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  • nath don

    Prepositions matter! It’s not a “dissection against.” That’s ungrammatical. You mean a “dissection of” [Larry Scott’s column].

    Who cares, you say! Well, it’s sort of like, when a person writes “your” when they mean “you’re.” It doesn’t matter. Not at all.

    • Joe H

      Easy now. Think how you would feel if someone treated you like your dumb.

      • marvgoux1

        “your dumb”?

  • john wolcott

    Arent we all dumb in some ways, except for some folks who write pretty good; and then there are those who your not gonna wanna imitate.

  • Brad Hutchings

    Larry Scott is a piece of work. I hope he doesn’t stick around long enough for Wolf to take him down, but I fear it might come to that.