Steve Sarkisian Ranked No. 44 By Athlon

Yesterday Athlon’s ranked Steve Sarkisian the eighth-best coach in the Pac-12. Today, he is the 44th-best coach in the nation, right behind Nebraska coach Bo Pelini and just ahead of Colorado coach Mike MacIntyre. He is even ahead of his next opponent, Fresno State coach Tim DeRuyter, who is 20-6 in two seasons. Full list here

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  • NOBSisdaMAN

    Scott, where do you rank as a sports writer? FLAG

  • Evil Robot

    Good to seed that Athlon cut and paste season is upon us. Way to keep it “inside”.

    Pretty impressive list with your guy, Mike Riley, at 27th after closing the second half of the last three seasons at 6-12. Edging out Mike Leach’s two season 9-16 mark at Wazzu, in the 28th spot, was impressive. I guess the writers were impressed that Oregon St. mounted a small comeback against Washington after trailing 62-6 early in the 4th. Limiting Washington’s rushing attack to 530 yards and 7 TD’s is also noteworthy.

    The best past of the list is probably Mark Helfrich coming in second to last with am 11-2 record under his belt.

  • B.Miller


    • Helen

      More like “Copy Wait Wait Wait Paste” – this is old news from Scottie.

      • B.Miller


  • Nile Kinnick

    #44 is a bit generous. He should be ranked in the 50s. Where would Lame Kiff be ranked? Right next to Idaho’s coach.

  • Golden Trojan

    As they say on Wall St., previous earnings are no indication of future results!

  • anno nimus

    That is just ridiculous! Jim Mora is better than any of those fools listed ahead of him. Nick Saban is a cheater and the version of Calapari, I wonder how many of his players actually attend class.

    • Cheap seats

      I was trying to see a reaction over on Wang’s blog, but I see nobody really visits there anymore.

      How have Bruin fans reacted to the Spring Game being at Home Depot center and having a $10 entry? My buddy was hoping it was going to be on campus like CRN did a few years back.

      • anno nimus

        The Rose Bowl is being renovated, which is the reason for having it at Stubhub Ctr. I belong to UCLA football group in FB and we have 3400 in that group. No complaints so far. I like it better outside the campus, where the actions is too far away from the fans. As for Wang’s blog, it’s just boring, he never gives updates, he just posts videos, its like this is a part time gig for him. I miss Jon Gold.

        • Cheap seats

          Are many planning on tailgating? I went with a buddy in Mora’s first year and we actually bumped into a few of the incoming freshmen including Aaron Porter. Coincidently, I ended up sitting next to Aaron Porter’s sister at a game last year. After being a stud at La Habra high, I hear he’s no longer at UCLA. Just shows how competitive it is even for 4 star guys.

          • anno nimus

            We had about 20,000 last year, but because of the tailgating restrictions at the Stubhub center, who knows…Aaron Porter never really adapted to the college game, unfortunately.

  • SUCC de trop

    #31 Mora: 19 – 8……..#44 Sark: 34 – 29. Golden Trojan is correct, but it’s hard to discount statistical winning pct. evidence.

    • Cheap seats

      Mora is an excellent play caller.

      • SUCC de trop

        Thanks for finally acknowledging Mora’s superior talent. BTW Cheap Lies, shouldn’t you be working harder on your ice cream/hot box burrito route to scratch a couple of nickels toward SUCC’s extra/extra PSL tax.

        • Cheap seats

          I thought you’d be smart enough to sense sarcasm.

          For the LAST time, Mora does NOT call the plays. Please watch a UCLA game for once.

          Or ask a UCLA fan. Never mind — you don’t have any friends with that crappy attitude!