The Baby Quarterback Visits USC!

David Sills made an appearance at USC today though he did not stay for the entire practice. Sills met with Steve Sarkisian, however, and Clay Helton. He even stopped to take a picture next to the John McKay statue.

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  • Cheap seats

    Does anyone call him baby QB outside of Wolf?


      The next time you and I are hanging out at the mall, point this dude out to me, and I will call him Baby QB right to his face.

      • G Man

        Wow. Tough.

        • WESTWOOD ROB

          Same deal with you — if you see this punk the next time you and me are getting messed up over at the old abandoned drive-in theater, point him out to me. Just see if I don’t call him out.

      • Cheap seats


    • B.Miller

      Does any one call him Scott Wolf in the Media world or Scott “COPY AND PASTE” Wolf?

  • THAT’S the Baby QB???

    i just thought someone lean a rake up against the statue.

    (he’s that thin)

  • B.Miller

    I still predict a David Sills Poll will be coming soon

  • Arturo

    Calling him Baby QB is bush league and very reminiscent of the SEC and their misplaced passion for the sport. This is L.A., baby, show some class. The kid is 16 or 17 and Wolf calling him this is uncalled for and not funny