USC Announces Coaches’ Tour

COACHES.TOURThe USC coaches’ tour is set and dates can be viewed by clicking on the above image. But if you do, then you risk reading the coaching capsules. Andy Enfield’s does not list a word about last season (naturally) and Steve Sarkisian’s mentions nothing about Washington but said he was a “staffer” on the 2003 national championship team.

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  • wolfman, did someone pour Tapatio all over your Fruit Loops this morning? ’cause brother, you are ON FIRE!!!!

    trying to sell 7 Win Sark and Enfield to donors on the heels of the PSL news!!! not even Big Tom Callahan could sell this dog, and he could sell ketchup Popsicles to women in white gloves!!!

    i like Enfield’s highlight: “two potential starters who ACTUALLY PRACTICED with the team (that went 2-16 in league)!!!”


    • SUCC de trop

      Right on the button, Bucket. I’m sure the PSL/loser tour will be SRO. LOL.


        Succ, which crip set do you roll with? The West Adams Victorian Preservationist OGs? The Culver City Arts District Locos?

        • SUCC de trop

          Yawn, Keefer. More Champagne?

          • WESTWOOD ROB

            Keefer Sullivan is the baddest actor on TV.

  • j metaphor

    Wow, quite a line-up!
    Sark, What me Worry? Enfield and JR.
    Any one of those three could open for the Stones.
    Let me guess; $ 8,000 a seat?

  • Charlie’s Mom

    Dear Son: The baby-sitter will make your dinner. Do your homework. Brush your teeth and go to bed at 8:30. Your father and I will be home by midnight. Thank you for returning the family sedan. Love, Mom and Dad. P.S. Your high school orientation is tomorrow, so I washed you favorite shirt and pants.

    • I don’t like that babysitter….she keeps spanking me and makes me eat out of the dog dish. Is her name really Amazon Queen??

      Can I wear my Manchester jersey again tomorrow?

    • B.Miller

      Charles Bucket creating another screen name and then responding to it