USC Morning Buzz: Will The Baby Quarterback Reunite With Lane Kiffin?


The Baby Quarterback (David Sills) seems to be visiting every school but the one he is “committed” to this spring and he is scheduled to visit Alabama this week. That means he could go to Alabama and complete a trade that saw Ricky Town switch from the Crimson Tide to USC.

And the reason for the decommitments could be the same: Lane Kiffin.

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  • Internal Monologue

    When will the Baby Journalist be joining Lane Kiffin in Alabama – we can only hope.

  • john wolcott

    This is like having a friend who still talks badly about his ex-wife who divorced him
    3-years ago


  • Sugary Sweeet Kiff post, wolfman!!!

    Way to rattle the ol’ chimp cage!!!

    Now let’s stand back, after the initial screaming and chattering, the dung starts to fly!!!

    • Aero93

      You perfectly summed up the allure of this website for me.

  • Helen

    My day would never be complete without a nod to Lane Kiffin – thanks Scottie.

  • Mike 70

    Scott was able to get two of his most worn out topics into one post, congratulations Scott!

    • Golden Trojan

      Very efficient of him, get it out of the way and maybe he can report something news worthy! NOT!

  • Evil Robot

    Scott you must have missed your coffee this morning. This morning’s steamer is really a glaringly lost opportunity to go for the trifecta, where you’ve failed to drone on about Kiffin’s visor or shirt.

    On the plus side I do enjoy the juxtaposition of the post criticizing SC for not retaining the basketball player who was recruited at an absurdly young age, being right before the post where you continue riding the school for looking to keep the quarterback that committed at a ridiculously early age.

    Looking forward to next week’s edition of “recruiting rankings don’t mean anything… unless SC has a bunch of 5-star recruits, at which point they are all busts ruined by overpaid coaches”.

    • Golden Trojan

      I’ll add a BB player that went to a school with a substandard APR. Will Wolf comment on UCONN’s commitment to academics?

  • Apparently Alabama is spelled U-S-C now.

    • another Faux!

      am i gonna have to dispatch a few hostages???

  • B.Miller

    I feel a David Sills Poll coming soon…

  • TrojanFan3.0

    ……and the man crush lives on, pathetic!