A Word Of Warning On Attending Saturday’s USC Coaches’ Clinic

If you are a high school coach planning to attend Saturday’s USC coaches’ clinic, be advised that 150,000 are projected to visit the campus this weekend for the L.A. Times Festival of Books. Why couldn’t the coaches’ clinic have been last weekend? Swim with Mike? Yeah, that took about 10 minutes of Steve Sarkisian’s time last Saturday.

A side note: One of the featured speakers is San Francisco 49ers assistant head coach Brad Seely, who will be portrayed as a Jim Harbaugh/Tim Drevno guy but had more ties to Pete Carroll. Ask him about how Pete Carroll wanted to hire him at USC. Seely worked with Carroll at North Carolina State, the New York Jets and New England Patriots.

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  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    That’s our Gargamel! Always complaining about something.

    He reminds of the saying, “The only people who know how to run the country are too busy cutting hair and driving taxis.”

  • Cheap seats

    Note to Bucket / Wolf: when someone says “150,000 people projected over the weekend”, it means OVER the weekend.

    Not all at once.

    • Memo to Cheap Lies:

      1) you should address him as: “THE WOLFMAN”
      2) the wolfman is on campus every day….he KNOWS what’s going on there on a DAILY basis, unlike you.

      • NOBSisdaMAN

        They can all go over to ph ucla and picnic on fried chicken and watermelon. Beer too. Fantastic day for the second rate coaches clinic. Who’s in charge? Klemm?

        • SUCC de trop

          Nobs does racial shtick.

      • Cheap seats

        LOL. Actually, I AM on campus 5 days a week. I once stated what I’m involved with that requires my presence and work on campus.

        As for YOU — I RARELY see you at the practices. You only show up for press conferences and then people wonder why you don’t have insight into USC football.

      • Cheap seats

        btw — I LOVE this response Kiffin had to you a while back:


    • SUCC de trop

      So Cheap Lies, in your small mind, a crowd of 75,000 milling about SUCC’s campus per day is nothing special. Have you ever attended the Festival of Books? A better question Cheap Lies, have you ever read a book that didn’t have very large type.

      • Cheap seats

        Do the books have pictures?

        • SUCC de trop

          That goes w/o saying.

          • Cheap seats

            You should read some books on UCLA football. You’ll be able to read that Jim Mora does NOT call plays on offense like you think.

            You might even start liking them more than our team.

          • SUCC de trop


          • Booyakasha

            Haha…The whole Jim Mora calling plays on offense was absolute gold.

          • SUCC de trop

            Monkey see monkey do.

          • Cheap seats

            Yup. That’s the absolute hater: a guy who’s so obsessed with USC, he really has no time or passion to root for a team.

  • Ken Hart

    Oh no! Sark is now square in Wolfie’s crosshairs. Kaboom! Maybe he will let up off Kiffin a little. What a dolt you are Wolfman.

  • Ron Fleishman

    Do you ever have a nice thing to say?

  • rusoviet

    Hey ‘Wolfman’ riddle me this – How come ‘bel-air’ Tech lost the ‘Festival Of Books’ three years ago?

    Better yet why not a real ‘tell-all’ on ‘woodie’ – you know ‘woodie’ scurrying like the cowardly rat that he was the moment Sam Sam the Gumout Man showed up? Imagine the ‘tell all’ that night with ‘Nell’…”Oh mercy me Nell …this big outfit guy just came into JD’s office and told him and me that he’d do whatever it took for us to be winners ‘but; we had to ‘look the other way’…well I looked at JD and he looked at me and I said ‘where do I sign’…after all what would should a ‘hoosier’ from ‘palookaville do? Play the man or look the other way…them thar’ hills look mightee tall…think I’ll go out yonder and look down Wilshire Blvd….

    Jonnie whitebread…..he claimed to be a winner….then there is what the ‘hoi polloi’ believe you are and for you ‘jonnie’ what you truly really really always were…putz coward deluxe….jonnie….

    Well just one of the two clowns that TJ Simers never ever went after …the other you ask?…Why it’s none other than ‘Vin-dawg Chevrolet’…..come to think of it …they do resemble each other….both ‘clones’ of Will Rogers…..’Ah shucks’….Jimminy Cricket!’….And the best for these two clowns, for us the good old Popeye The Sailor Man chuckle ‘Ha cha cha cha cha cha…vin-dawg and jonnie….

    • marvgoux1

      With all the money SC is making from this event they can fix up the Coliseum without charging fans $4 grand a seat.

    • SUCC de trop

      CommieSUCC DT’s.

    • betomas

      You sound crazier and crazier every time you write something in this blog. You’re so weird.

      • rusoviet

        But what about the putz de luxe ‘jonnie’?

        Jonnie in 1965 “Oh hello Mr. Gilbert. Can I watch your car while you visit your friends? I can? Is there anything else you want me to do for you Mr. Gilbert…I’m such a ‘putz’….as far as I am concerned I’ll be working on my ‘sanitized’ biography of how kind and truly weak I am (that is unless it personally threatens my conned bio)….I’m Jonnie and I protect only me!”

        The best was watching this clown haunt Pauley year after year…the intriguing ‘living theater’ was Steve Lavin’s indifference to ‘jonnie’….all that preceded Lavin ‘did’ the ‘de rigeur’ “Oh come let us adore him…’ to jonnie’.

        • betomas

          As I was saying, touché.

  • Toejam For Life

    This just translates to “our coaches are losers’ and aren’t worth seeing….