Directors’ Cup Afterthought

Perhaps Pat Haden should ask for water polo points to be doubled in the Directors’ Cup standings.

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  • HAWR-HAWR!!!

    BRUTAL crotch kick, wolfman!!

    brilliant play on the notion that Southern Cal is primarily known for their Water Polo teams!!

    the Cadre couldn’t have done it any better!!


    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Everyone agrees the cadre could not have done any better and that paints a pretty bleak picture of the capabilities of the cadre.

    • Ray Reyes

      As UGLY is known for their WOMEN’s teams.

      UCLA – 72 men, 38 women = 110 total
      Stanford – 61 men, 43 women = 104 total
      USC – 83 men, 16 women = 99 total

      Take away women’s softball and gymnastics, and the bRUINS are behind USC (two sports USC doesn’t have).


    Did spedjones win the chance to guest-host this blog? And I bought so many raffle tickets!

    • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

      You mean Chris Fauxte (a.k.a. Spedjones and Toejam)? The knucklehead used an alias for a screen name, but he had his real name in his Disqus account. Once someone pointed this out, he abandoned his Spedjones account and Toejam appeared.


        Interesting. “Chris Fauxte” does appear to be old SpedAzole, but it also appears to be a parody of a fellow named Chris Cote, rather than sped’s actual name, whatever that may be.

        All the faux folks on the internet are drawn to the Wolfman’s blog.

        • Toejam For Life

          Toejam for Life is his own person!

  • Ray Reyes

    Quit feeding the trolls Scott!

  • j metaphor

    How dare you compare St. Pat with so many merely mortal Athletic Directors.
    Pat is a saint, just ask the National Search Firms he keeps in the money.