Serra Invades USC

Serra High School coach Scott Altenberg brought a large contingent of players to USC practice today. Among the recruits who came were defensive tackle Rasheem Green, safety C.J. Pollard and wide receiver Brandon Burton. Green is a top 15 player nationally and 2015 recruit. Burton and Pollard are 2016 recruits.

Also at practice was Windward of Los Angeles defensive end Breland Brandt, a 2016 recruit that USC already offered.

12 thoughts on “Serra Invades USC

    • WOW, big man! Calling high school kids “losers!” What if some decide to go to Ucla?

      • The funny thing is, nobody wants to go to UGLY. Typically, they end up there after not being offered by their preferred school.

        • You wish. 35-14 and #7 preseason in your homer’s Phil Steele’a picks, calling UCLA an elite team.

          • Quoting scores, AGAIN. That must be an UGLY tradition. And BTW Annus nimbuttus, its PRESEASON.

          • Hey “Queen Queens” Was it an UGLY tradition when for 12 months you quoted 50-0? Hypocrite

          • “Annus nimbuttus” — wow. If “Ray Reyes” is actually just someone putting on an act, that is good stuff.

          • I’m trying not to get wore down by you UGLY idiots who come here to do NOTHING but cause problems. You can’t expect somebody who went to USC to just sit back and take all of your guys’ nonsense now would you? Do something POSITIVE, go to the UGLY board and post with your butt buddies how good you are and how UGLY football is now a dynasty (without winning the Pac12). Why come here so much if not to cause trouble? THAT IS A TROLL.

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