Too bad you-know-who is not in that picture.

    • Gary Klein

      You can bet that Wolf is scouring the net for a quote or photo with Kiffin and Sills.

      Wolf’s “baby QB” tag has absolutely no following. I looked up the hashtag and….NADA.


        If Sills actually was an infant who could play QB, Twitter would be a lot more interested.

  • Ray Reyes

    Are you stalking him?

  • Helen

    Scottie’s posts really provide a portal into his inner thoughts… and I for one am worried.

    • NOBSisdaMAN

      You shouldn’t be, you’re a female.

  • Mike 70

    Who gives a shet wolf?

  • betomas

    It’s been a while since wolf wrote something substantial about Pat Haden. I’m expecting a good article soon.

  • betomas

    How do star athletes still get suckered into putting on Child Molester U. clothing? Pedophile St. is in a crappy location too.

  • B.Miller

    so what are the rest of the USC 2015 commits doing these days? Everything seems to be focused on David Sills