• john wolcott

    Hard for an opponent to move a 350 pound body, but can he move at that weight, not to mention long-term for his heart and health.

  • Joe H

    Sounded like he said 315, not 350.

    • Cheap seats

      Lips read as 350..

  • Gary Klein

    No… THIS is the video of the day…

    • Ray Reyes

      That was funny, but Kiffin was the one who ended up eating crow when all was said and done.

      • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

        Have to disagree with you a little. Kiff has made a lot of money, has a plum job for the business he’s in, and seems to have a really nice family. Gargamel is still a miserable little twerp writing for a 4th tier rag.

        • Ray Reyes

          True. I just mean’t that Kiff lost his “dream job.” But I’m not disputing any of your other points. FIGHT ON!

          • Ray Reyes

            Kiff did hand it to him in that press conference, LOL. So a failed USC head coach, gets the better of Scott in a press conference. Maybe that is one of the reasons Scott is so infatuated with Kiffin?

          • Helen

            Does that make it a battered bromance relationship?

      • Gary Klein

        I doubt Wolf is on Kiffin’s mind at all as he holds a high profile job at the #1 program in the nation.

        On the other hand, Wolf remains ultra obsessed with Kiffin.

        I think Wolf is the one who remains damaged here.

  • Ray Reyes

    It did sound like 315, but I don’t read lips. Either way, FIGHT ON Kenny!

  • Ray Reyes

    UCLA – 72 men, 38 women = 110 total

    Stanford – 61 men, 43 women = 104 total

    USC – 83 men, 16 women = 99 total

    Take away women’s softball and gymnastics and the ruins are behind SC…two sports SC doesn’t have.


      110 + 104 + 99 = 313. Was that what Bigelow said? Pretty spooky, eh?

      • Ray Reyes

        LOL Rob, I give you that. Funny.

  • -T-D-O-G-

    He said 315