• betomas

    kid is trying not to sound heartbroken, but his mannerisms deceive him. it sounds like sark laid him down gently and encouragingly. keep hope alive max! Fight ON!!

  • SUCC de trop

    Baring K injury, Sark has sentenced B to 2 years of clipboard duty. B will have to defeat RT in 2016 to start as QB for just one year. In other words, B waits four years to maybe play one. Not great odds for B.

    • NOBSisdaMAN

      Go to ph ucla where he could start.

      • Trogan Fan

        Haha, now that’s rich! Hundley, Woulard and Rosen are leagues above the clowns at SC.

        • NOBSisdaMAN

          Both those clowns will never beat SC

  • john wolcott

    Some poster wrote that he thought the kid was tearful in the interview. I didn’t see it. Seems like a poised, well-spoken young man

  • betomas

    Using Tout for interviews and having important info get cut off is not very smart.