• ibraney

    Do you agree with the “timing” of Scotty’s putting “timing” in unnecessary quotes?

    • Sarknado

      Scott is a “journalist”.

  • Helen

    “Timing” is such a misunderstood concept.

  • Cheap seats

    Wonder what Mr. Scott/Bucket suggests?

    How about not naming a starter until a few weeks into the season? Each QB can play one half. That worked so well last year!

  • steveg

    When it is as obvious as it is that Kessler is better, it makes no sense to postpone the decision. I applaud Sark in being able to make decisions, unlike the past coach who either couldn’t or wouldn’t make them. How refreshing.

  • B.Miller

    Is there a button to chose from where is states “does it matter”.. what does the “timing” have to do with it..
    the only bad “timing” would be the week of the first game!