Basketball: Byron Wesley Transferring?

Sources close to USC’s leading scorer, Byron Wesley, said he is considering playing at another college next season under the NCAA rule that grants immediate eligibility if you earn your degree. Wesley is scheduled to earn his degree his summer.

Why would he transfer? Wesley is unsure of his role next season when Andy Enfield-recruited players Katin Reinhardt and Jordan McLaughlin join the team. Wesley and McLaughlin both are from Etiwanda but Wesley does not feel like an Enfield player because he was recruited by former coach Kevin O’Neill.

It also seems like transferring for your final year is the rage lately, with former USC guard Bryce Jones going from UNLV to Iowa State last weekend.

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  • rusoviet

    Well if he was any good then he’d do what those two bel-air tech players (Anderson and Levine) are planning to do – declare for the NBA.

    So this guy bails out for a bubbling program in Ames-IA (IA St.) and?

    Look the real problem is for Altford at UCLA just as it is for Sarkisian at Troy ‘save’ Altford is still Altford – sweet 16 and then Palookaville. Altford’s biggest problem is watching the conference ramp up next year.

    Good luck for Levine and Anderson – any pro team willing to pick them had better see how they were clearly manhandled by FL three weeks ago – truly boys among men.

    ‘woodie’….oh for the days long past…..Sam gaming the system through back door deals with convicted thugs – he included….JD doing his patented ‘tennis swing’ directing any attention to Jerry Tarkanian…but the best ‘woodie’ and his con game “I have a clear conscience…” that’s because this clown boy never had one…..

    • SUCC de trop

      UCLA Basketball Program 2014 – Sweet Sixteen***SUCC Basketball Program 1 – 15 and dead last in Pac 12 Conf. play. BTW CommieSUCC, the only games SUCC won were because BW shot lights out. I know this will come a shock to you, but cows don’t milk themselves. J. Wooden and UCLA won 10 BB NC’s CommieSUCC and all your inane rants, sniveling and whining will never change the fact. So how many mausoleum PSL’s do you wish to purchase CommieSUCC?

      • TrojanFan3.0

        How many BCS wins, the games played in January?

    • Larry Harris

      Anderson is truly a boy among men? Good luck with that. I recall the same being said about some guy named Westbrook several years ago. The Thunder got stuck with him. Pobresito Oklahoma!
      Whichever college team gets Byron W, gets a very good college player who should be a slam-dunk starter.
      Lose the woodie for Mr. G. That is ancient history. The trifecta of Wooden, Denny Crum, and Gary Cunningham was by far the greatest coaching staff in the country at the time. Wooden was vicious with referees.You would know though if you ever had seating near the Bruin bench. No Ts however, he was a master at pushing the edge. That is part of the game. In all other aspects, any parent would be proud to have their son play for the man or to embrace his philosophy.

      • j metaphor

        The Thunder got “Stuck” with Westbrook? Huh?

        • Larry Harris

          Apparently sarcasm is not your forte.

      • Lorenzo, there is IRON in your words for all Cadre to see!!

        The comrade has zero credibility when he tries to trash the all time greats like Scully Woodie and Chickie!!

        • rusoviet

          I have never mocked Hearn because unlike the other two Hearn was mocked by many – Jim Healy in particular – and alos unlike the other two, Hearn couldn’t have cared less.

      • rusoviet

        Whatever ‘Larry’ – Wooden also had JD Morgan there on the team bench with him as his ‘cut out’ to harass the refs. The NCAA passed a rule banning any AD to be on their team’s bench as a result. In addition Wooden’s blatant unwillingness to ever publicly note the long ties he allowed Gilbert to impose speaks legion of Wooden and his cowardice. Gene Bartow met the stench head-on and the thanks he got was mockery along with his life threatened.

        I made no mention of Crum of Cunningham you did

        • SUCC de trop

          CommieSUCC how many times has SUCC been on probation? Two or Three? LOL.

  • Larry Harris

    Considering? He is gone! To put it mildly, your intell sucks. He has always had problems with AE and the staff. Late for team meetings and rapport problems. Stick to FB and let someone who knows SC hoops take over that aspect of your blog.

  • CLASSIC WOLF-SCOOP, wolfman!!!

    The LAT, ESPN and others are only now reporting this bombshell!!

    To your faithful, however, this is practically yesterday’s news!!

  • Nile Kinnick

    USC will repeat as Pac-12 Conference (last-place) champs next year…now its a certainty with Byron gone…what a disaster USC B-ball has become

  • JayJR

    This seems to be an unanticipated trend in major college sports with kids going to school year round. They are getting their degrees “early” with a year of eligibility left and a NCAA rule that allows them to transfer and play immediately. If you are not a starter or unhappy why not jump (with your undergrad degree in hand) to another school if they have room and a scholarship.

    I suspect that the NCAA will take a look at this loophole in the near future. and close it.

  • FreeShabazz

    Wouldn’t worry about it. As long as they return that uncoordinated big guy that looks like Frankenstein the team will win at least 10 games

  • SUCC de trop

    UCLA just signed Jonah Bolden a 6′ 9″ forward for 2014. A.E. really needs hustle now, because the Bruins deep roster, with height and H. duty bulk in the front court. As the great Moses Malone once observed “if you ain’t got the ball, you can’t shoot it.”

  • Larry Harris

    Byron played better than pretty well. One just gets tired of Wolf ‘grabbing the cat’ just to embellish a topic.