Doheny Library Looking Different

There was a digitally animated version of Alice in Wonderland projected on to the front of Doheny Library tonight at the center of the USC campus. The library was turned into a giant set/screen.
Here’s a preview of the actual show.

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  • Charlie Bucket

    how PRECIOUS!!!

    i can see little LJ, NUBS and Jethro sitting indian style holding hands while they
    gaze up in wide wonder!!


    whatta bunch of Nancys!!!

    no WONDER the Bruins OWN you pansies in all 3 major sports year after year!!

    • TrojanFan3.0

      You forgot to mention the part when you streaked across the screen wearing the Alcindor special. After that, half the crowd left in disguise.

      PS….you seem to always forget 50-0, nice try!


    First it was PSLs, now it’s LSD?

    • Charlie Bucket

      (it WAS pretty cool…)