Steve Sarkisian On Being No. 7

Here’s what Steve Sarkisian said regarding being the seventh-best coach in the Pac-12:

“Opinions are opinions, you can’t base your job based on what other people think about you. That’s something, as a young coach, took me time to figure out. It’s not what other people outside of your building really feel about you, it’s what your coaches feel about you, what your players feel about you, that’s what matters most.

“Moving forward, for me, that’s where my focus has been. It’s not what others are thinking, it’s about the people in your building, how they feel about you.”

Full interview here

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  • what’s so amusing about Sark’s response is that he gives the impression that he feels he should be ranked HIGHER than #7, but it doesn’t bother him because he doesn’t care about what OTHER people think.

    but based on his record, 10th or 11th would have been more accurate, so be grateful Sark!!

    Chris Peterson would have said: “with all the great coaches in the Pac12, being ranked in the top 10 of coaches is an honor, but we’ll see what they say after the games are played!”…but hey, Sark was raised by Caesar and Sith Lord Garrett so grace and humility are not in his hard-wiring.

    • NOBSisdaMAN

      You’re not even #7 on this blog. Boring.

      • TrojanFan3.0

        He’s #1 when it comes to the games the cadre plays up in the tree house….ouch!

    • TrojanFan3.0

      You sound like an idiot, get the cranium checked out!

      Dementia is some nasty stuff

  • Troll On

    Scott Wolf on Being No. ?: “It’s not what other people outside of your building really feel about
    you, it’s what the trolls feel about you, that’s what matters most.” We love you, Scott!.

  • Nile Kinnick

    Of course, if Sark was ranked #1, the likely response would be: “its extremely flattering to have your hard work and skill recognized, even when those within my department don’t feel the same.”

  • Sarknado

    For a brief second I thought Wolf actually conducted an interview! Then I clicked the link and realized it was just another Wolf cut and paste job.

    • Internal Monologue

      What’s with an Oregonian beat writer interviewing a USC coach before the USC beat writer???

    • B.Miller

      Classic Scott “copy and paste” wolf!

  • NOBSisdaMAN

    Notice Scott STILL hasn’t had a one on one interview with Sark.

  • Internal Monologue

    Oregonian – 1
    Daily News – 0