When Does Dunk City Start?

Byron Wesley’s transfer a year ago would be perfectly normal. Roster overhauls always occur when a new coach takes over. Washington State’s already lost a couple players since Ernie Kent took over.

But he was USC’s leading scorer this season and his departure shows a lack of trust between him and Andy Enfield after a full season together. It’s been a year since Enfield was hired and one could ask where are the elite recruits that were supposedly going to come with his hire?

USC was a favorite with Jordan McLaughlin before Enfield got hired. Even Malik Price-Martin and his father were strongly considering USC beforehand. There was a lot of excitement a year ago about USC’s basketball future and right now it seems to all rest on transfers from other schools that may or may not pan out and some incoming guys that were easy gets from Day 1.

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    It received little coverage at the time, but last summer Enfield put the whole team to work rehabbing an old Victorian house north of the USC campus. After days spent sanding the floor, painting the fence, waxing on, and waxing off, Byron Wesley was finally like, “Coach, this is bull! You’re supposed to teach us basketball!” Enfield then revealed that all of their physical labor, performed exactly as he instructed, was actually teaching them basketball technique and skills.

    But now it seems like he really was just using them to rehab an old house.

    • Nile Kinnick

      “If you build it, he will not come”

    • Bruin’77

      “Wax on, wax off”

    • grave soul

      That sneaky summumabitch, Enfield.

  • Kennedy

    Stop making stuff up McLaughlin and Price-Martin were NOT going to SC under KO.

  • Alan D. Miller

    “USC was a favorite with Jordan McLaughlin before Enfield got hired.” This couldn’t be a bigger lie if you tried. Why not just post that Enfield scared off Jarabi Parker who was ready to ask out of his NLI and commit to SC?

  • Nile Kinnick

    This is what happens when USC hires a guy after getting lucky and winning two games in the NCAA tourney. Awful logic in the hiring. USC would take Ernie Kent over Andy; but the “great” WSU got him!

  • stevemcghghy@yahoo.com

    You over-rate Byron Wesley

  • Toejam For Life

    Maybe Drunk City would be more appropriate…
    If you want to play fast and easy, play for the women’s team!

  • Golden Trojan

    SC is ranked 25th overall and 5th in the Pac12 by Rivals for 2014 recruits, it’s a start. When starting from the bottom it’s a long way to the top. Next season will start to see if he has what it takes. More like two years from now.

    • marvgoux1

      Depends how many one and dones we recruited. It could be fools gold.

  • Trogan Fan

    that’s ok, SC fans still think SC’s a football school!

  • David Keeling

    What was Haden’s logic in hiring Enfield? Name names he consulted with before rushing with this hire? If not, someone has a pretty high opinion of themselves!

  • Trogan Fan

    LOL, this post has the clowns over at the SC Rivals site up in arms! Well done, Wolfie!

    • Ray Reyes

      LOL, you even go there to troll!!!!

  • Patrick Corbett

    the bottom line is, Enfield never should of been hired. He got lucky in a few tournament games and ESPN liked him, so PH made the stupid decision and offered him the job. Beating Georgia southern and FIU does not qualify you to coach in the Pac 12. He is in WAY over his head. His USC teams are some of the worst basketball teams i have ever seen in my life. IF we had a decent AD, he would be fired already.

    • Golden Trojan

      His teams? He’s only had one season with a program in the trash heap that needs rebuilding.

    • Alan D. Miller

      Enfield never coached against FIU and Georgia Southern while at FGCU. You’re 0 for 4 in this post.

  • Bruin’77

    Yes the reality is that UCLA was the favorite for McLaughlin. Give Enfield (and Bland) credit for getting McLaughlin to USC

  • anno nimus

    Right about now the Galens are wishing they had their money back. What a waste of an investment. šŸ™

  • dividenddoug

    USC hoops was the favorite for two elite high school basketball players with a head coach on his way out the door after completely destroying the program? You just lost the credibility you never had with that gem.