USC DT Leonard Williams On Whether He Will Turn Pro Following Next Season

Defensive tackle Leonard Williams will be a junior next season and considered a first-round draft pick by NFL scouts if he chooses to go pro.

“I haven’t really talked about it, it’s a thought in the back of my head,” Williams said. “I guess it depends on how my season goes.”

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  • Ben Factor

    As I recall, he chose USC largely as a “business decision,” after assessing the depth chart and coaching. In addition, I remember his earliest interviews at USC, and his comment that CFB was easier than he had expected.

    Pat Haden placed him among the top 5 talents ever at USC, which smacked of hyperbole. But still, he is a big talent who played right away.

    Ergo, if his 2014 season puts him in a very strong draft position, he’ll likely leave early. Wouldn’t you?

  • B.Miller

    Who asks these dumb questions?
    Its the same answer every time you ask a player in the beginning of the year or though out the year.. They are not thinking about it, and are just focused the season or game… blah, blah blah..
    Stop being an average journalist and do something interesting.. Gees!