USC Offense Off To A Slow Start

Considering each drive starts at the 40, it’s not much to say Andre Heidari’s kicked three field goals on the first three drives (2 for Cody Kessler, 1 for Max Browne). Heidari is 2 for 3 and missed a 34-yarder as the offense does not look high powered . . . yet.

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  • SUCC de trop

    SUCC fans lucked out, mausoleum PSLs will never float on the water of SUCC’s offense. I mean there are LA speed bumps faster than K – he could have been seriously injured by SUCC’s quarter speed D.

  • Toejam For Life

    Now, you are trying to one-up the Bruins by using a 60 yard field! And, you can’t score with Kessler’s mastery of a very scaled down offense!

    Better stick to water polo!!

  • Rick

    Poor UCLA fans, life must “suck” for you ?

    Your football team is “second” rate, always being the brides maid but never the bride (Actually you’ve never even been to the wedding, how pathetic!)

    You suck at basketball (Better let the Division l teams go and concentrate on Division ll teams, at least you’ll have a better chance at winning) too !!

    So you spend your time on USC blogs trying to get a view of what “Winning” is like ??

    Pathetic x 2 !!!

    Hey, but look at the bright side (Think hard, maybe you’ll find one?)

    I understand your “Badminton” team will be good this year ?

    Of course thats the “Women`s” badminton team !!!

    Okay, the conversation is over, you can now crawl back into your little holes…