Willie McGinest Is Not Happy About No. 55 Going To An Offensive Player

Former  USC player Willie McGinest just did an interview on the video screen and brought up his displeasure with an offensive player wearing the hallowed No. 55.

“We’ve got to have some conversations and meetings about that,” McGinest said during the interview broadcast at the Coliseum.

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  • NOBSisdaMAN

    Again, no direct interview……just mop up c r a p

    • SUCC de trop

      Nobs, “old stick,” the story is how ugly and toothless the SUCC offense appears. At least snivel about something pertinent.

      • NOBSisdaMAN

        Look who’s talking, the most boring individual on this blog. SNORE.

        • SUCC de trop

          Nobs if that ‘s you way feel – fine. But I would like to read your accessment of SUCC’s spring game. Are the pending mausoleum PSL’s worth it?

  • Sweeeeet Scooooopin’ wolfman!!!

    You were ahead of this story by 2 wks!!!!

    The Chess Master strikes AGAIN!!!

    Many moves ahead of the REST!!!