Fans Resoundingly Against Mexico Game

More than 70 percent of those who voted in our poll were against USC playing Texas in Mexico City. Can’t say I blame them when you consider it would probably take away a trip to Austin (a great venue) or worse, a USC home game.

A game in Mexico City works better if it is an extra game. Maybe USC can drop one of those Idaho-New Mexico games and play a Big 12 team in Mexico City.

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  • anno nimus

    My guess for the reason why 70% are oppose the Mexico game is because 70% of USC’s fans are on parole, and can’t leave the country.

    • ThaiMex

      fit Un Knuckleheads

  • Toejam For Life

    Don’t worry, Six Win Sark will be gone by then and you can schedule real competition!

  • SUCC de trop

    Turns out Mexico has stipulated that SUCC’s FB team is welcome, but the SUCC band should stay home.

  • Al

    The NCAA and Larry Scoot can go “F” themselves – neither of them does USC any favors!