Wide Receiver On Campus

USC is hosting wide receiver L.J. Reed of Elk Grove, Calif., today, who is considered a four-star prospect from the Class of 2015.

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  • SaferInWestwood

    Wolfman im sure you already knew but let me repeat it, LJ Reed committed to The Mighty Bruins… .

  • Pasadena Trojan

    So what if he committed the ruins. Let me ask you a question and be honest, a scholi to ucla which is known as a clown school, or USC which is ranked as the best college football program from ESPN. What would you choose if you wanted to go to the nfl? If you say ucla, you will end up serving pizza as a delivery boy.

    If you choose USC, you go the first round in the nfl. The kid is not dumb. He knows what school will get him to the nfl. All he has to do is ask Keyshwan, Woods, Lee, Lynn Swan, and Smith. Keyshawn, Swan, and Smith have won super bowl rings. What have the clowns won? I will answer that, a free coupon to Arbys.

    • SaferInWestwood

      Name the Trojan who got drafted in the the 1st round in last years draft… .

      Tic-toc.. .tic-toc. . .tic-toc. .. .