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What should USC do with the Sports Arena property?
Build a soccer stadium   Build more parking for football   Leave Sports Arena there   Build amphitheater   Don’t know     

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  • carter

    None of your selections represent my view – relocate Dodger Stadium over about 3 floors of underground parking. LA does NOT need any more amphitheaters, while more parking can be provided by putting it underground as well as at grade even if you build a soccer stadium.
    So really none of the options fit my thinking. The only option that should be dismissed out of hand is leaving that eyesore there. That thing was outdated 20 years ago, and has not aged gracefully since then.
    Love to see a new LA tennis center with about 6-8 courts, enabling the Trojans to host a new LA ATP or WTA tennis event, like the one that died at ucla as it was so small. Maybe the center court of about 7,000-9,000 seats.
    But do plan on seeing the return of the bRuins to the Coliseum once the remodeling is all completed. The public access via the Expo line will make that a no-brainer.

    • SUCC de trop

      The Dodger Stadium option is smart and works for Mausoleum parking – It seems like you have presented a feasible concept that could generate benefical local development and employment.

      • carter

        Would you rather own the stadium yet lease the parking from Frank McCourt, or have a very long term ground lease to build your improvements atop a parking structure, not unlike the transaction that eventually created Disney Hall atop a County parking structure/
        Not all ownership is created equal.

        • SUCC de trop

          Your point is valid. However, the Dodger’s own their stadium and surrounding land. J. Paul Getty’s dictum “…lease if it depreciates, buy if it appreciates…” seems applicable in this case. J. Paul aside, I still like your Dodger Stadium/parking structure concept as a viable urban project.

          • carter

            They do not own the parking lots at Dodger Stadium – they were retained by Frank McCourt.
            McCourt wants to be a part of any new development that might happen peripheral to the stadium itself, such as a Grove/LA Live-type retail project.
            But if the stadium were to relocate….

  • UCLA Dynasty

    As long as it can host Nickelodeon events it won’t always be empty. Or how about the Teague Egan Center for Bros and Sports Management.

  • I recommend hiring Sonny to manage the new parking structure.

    • TrojanFan3.0

      Life must suck when you’re unqualified for a job

  • Arturo

    Whatever they decide they should remember that the Olympics might be coming back to L.A.

  • rusoviet

    Shaikin stated Moreno is awaiting the Anaheim City Council on the offer he (Moreno) made – making $150 mil in improvements to Angel Stadium with rental of $1 a year while Anaheim understands the value of the land is better for the city w.o. the stadium. Were Moreno to choose to move the team to Tustin, Irvine etc. he risks losing fans because of further distance.

    A lot hinges on the Farmers Field option- they have to turn earth a year hence to keep the EIP’s in place. I’d say if USC is successful in renovating the Coliseum to standards they can practically afford, it (renovated Coliseum) could be be the NFL’s choice if Farmers falls through due to an owner having to pay for the build. If that happens Moreno may move north – obviously a real long shot but he’d be in the center instead of way out on the fringe and that brings in the old sports arena – Might be the option that Moreno would make to ‘square the circle’ i.e. 1961 all over again and less than 2 miles from old Wrigley Field.

    I also favor a tennis stadium but it would be nice to have it multi-purpose (soccer/field hockey/La Crosse etc.).

    Arturo was right – if LA gets the Olympics a mere 10 years hence a wise decision today will pay huge dividends in 2024.

  • JayJR

    USC really needs revenue in order to pay the bills for operating and maintaining the Coliseum Complex (which doesn’t even include coming up with $70 – $100 million to make the promised repairs and marginal improvements).

    Its costing USC around $500,000 a month to run the Coliseum and Sports Arena. With only 6 or 7 USC home games in a typical season, tearing down the Sports Arena and building more parking for football makes no sense. The Sports Arena actually generate revenue for USC (concerts and swap meets) – a little over $2 million a year. I don’t see making this up in parking lot fees.

    Building a soccer stadium make more sense. Especially if Chivas USA moves in from Carson. LA Galaxy is averaging 23,000 at home in Carson, while Chivas has just 9,300. MLS average is 18,000. This seems to indicate a market for Chivas if its in its own stadium, and revenue (rent from Chivas and soccer game day parking fees) for USC.

    • Golden Trojan

      If you get Chivas to move in and then the women’s soccer, lacrosse have a venue. Add Men’s soccer and another women’s team sport, plus special events, put more parking underground, you got something there.

  • Toejam For Life

    New water polo stadium since it is your signature sport!